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Motorola has updated its update chart, which updates us as to the status of the latest updates for its Android smartphones. Nothing earth-shaking for those of us in the U.S., though they acknowledge that testing Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq is under way. And you Backflip owners -- and we know who the six of you are -- can still look forward to an Eclair update in the fourth quarter. [Motorola]


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Motorola updates its update chart


Get a new phone . or better yet, wait until after Christmas when the deals are better and next generation LTE starts coming out

We Canadians really get the short-end of the stick don't we - glad I don't buy Motorola here in Canada. Either updates are later or they don't happen ... not to mention the smartphone selection is limited by comparison.

I'd love some clarity about why the US version of some phones will get updated, but the Canadian versions need to stay on 1.5 for the "best experience". Is Motorola giving a poor experience to it's US customers, or do they think every Canadian is tanked on Labatts and won't figure it out?

Notice how the low end phones don't get the goodies? I don't think those phones have the power to run any higher version software. Nothing wrong with 1.5 or1.6. I have froyo on my ex but when I first got it it was running 2.1 I personally thought that 2.1 was better.

Not really true, the HTC G1 is still being widely used today and is capable of running Froyo. It has similar specs to most of those Motoblur phones on the chart.

Well most people who have these phones aren't elligible for an upgrade yet so we must wait :/ not everyone can pay half a thousand dollars for a new phone lol

All im.saying is there still good phones. I wouldn't make an effort to upgrade for stupid froyo. Seriously. Its not that great.... big deal a tether you have to pay for and a meaningless quadrant test. For real guys in day to day use its not noticeable hope gb is better. Give us some real improvements google.

If only the 1.5 the Cliq / Cliq XT was using actually was compatible with newer apps (Amazon Kindle, maps /w navigation, Angry Birds, etc). Otherwise, yeah, it seems fine for being an OS people aren't developing for anymore.