We already knew that Motorola had spent a boatload of money to air an ad during the Super Bowl (Go Saints!), but what would they be advertising? We're leaning towards the Backflip. The Backflip was announced at CES but has yet to been properly unveiled to the general public, what better way to do it than the Super Bowl. Plus, the teaser video above ends with the Motoblur logo, which the Backflip will run.

Motorola has just put up a teaser video for their commercial (watch it after the jump!). Since Super Bowl ad spots costs millions of dollars, we guess they had to find a way to stretch their dollar and build excitement for the spot. According to Motorola, the ad will air during the 3rd Quarter and feature a well-known celebrity.

Any guesses on who that celebrity might be? Check out Motorola's Facebook page for more info. And be sure to watch the teaser video after the jump!



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Motorola Teases Their Super Bowl Ad


Luke wilson needs to stop advertizing localized smartphone network as a national usable network. Yeah so at&t has faster download speeds, that's only the case if you're in a small 3G area, otherwise verizons 3G beats at&t's 2G(enhanced edge) any day.

Verizon should get Owen Wilson in a commercial, he's way more of a sell point than luke wilson

Yeah they should get Owen Wilson and then at the end have him say VZW has the better Wilson - :P