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We've watchced this video something like, twice now, and damned if we can figure out exactly what Motorola's got up its sleeves next week at CES, at least as far as Android is concerned. Though the crying USB charger above could point to wireless charging. Maybe we'll finally see that become popular this year, eh?

Android Central @ CES

Oh, that's not to say we don't have a pretty good idea what else we might see, though. Moto's already taken the wraps off the Motorola 4Home Connected Gateway, sort of a sooped-up router that connects your Motorola devices to each other with great ease. Sounds fun. The box itself has a 1.2GHz processor and the aforementioned 4Home software that will tie your tablets to your phones to your PCs. Motorola's been doing wonders with some of the tweaks in its smartphones, so this should be interesting.

Moto's also got its new "Televation" box on hand, which pumps a full cable TV stream onto your tablets. And that sounds pretty cool. It'll work out of the box with the Xoom and XYBOARD tablets, and Motorola says they're opening it up to other manufacturers as well.

Plus, we've got the Motoluxe and Defy Mini to play with as well. We'll find out in a couple days.

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Motorola teases CES with 'stay unplugged,' connecting your home to your devices


Inductive charging is one thing I truly miss from my Palm Pre. If an Android phone came out with it they would probably get a lot of us who came over from webOS for that feature.

Inductive charging was cool but not all that practical, especially when the Pre got to an insane temperature which made the battery life even worse. I just started swapping batteries instead because it makes batteries last a lot longer. I do miss webOS though but Android is catching up to how fluid webOS is.

I ahve an Android phone with inductive charging (and it's waterproof!). It's pretty awesome. DoCoMo and other companies (in Japan) are planning on putting charging pads in cafés, cinemas and so on, which will make the technology way more useful if they manage to do it properly.

2 models so far, from what I know, have the technology. It's cool to just put the battery on the pad and see it charge, no need to put it inside the phone or anything. Only need to mess with the micro USB charger when I'm away from home...

Hey Motorola...

Here is a thought. How about letting us know which devices will have ICS, like HTC just did the other day? The Photon better be on that list.


palm's touchstone was an amazing way to chatge the phone. It was great for the car and when the phone is charging it goes into exhibition mode. Palm was onto some great things. It was a shame what HP did with the company. Ics is close to the greatness that webOS is or was. I can't wait to be able to truly multitask. It is noy very easy to do so with androids past platforms. I'm actually typing this on my sprint pre minus. But I love my moto defy.

Hmmmm not sure I like the idea of water and electricity mixed together in tech, sounds a bit dangerous....

How awesome would it be if they were announcing new battery technology that allowed you to stay unplugged for a week at a time.

Now THAT would be worth something

umm... because making a phone have wireless charging is sooo hard! LMFAO! Check out my little project i had a few months ago., I installed the charging parts from my old palm pre+ into a even older Palm Centro.(thought it'd be hilarious to update a crappy device like HP did with the Pre, the Pre and the Centro used the same batteries even!) I do miss the ease of wirelessly charging my phone and might install the same system in my new Xperia Play? check out this youtube video i made to prove the existance of my

Palm Centro with Touchstone Charger

Nope, I'm the first,... to do a Centro anyways :-) but yeah you can do this to almost any phone that charges by USB. thanks for ripping my project down and discouraging further posts on future projects captain buzzkill :-\