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Just over a week ago now, we saw Motorola's updated Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule. Of those devices, the RAZR was listed as receiving the update across the world beginning in Q2. Now we get a pretty detailed glimpse at what to expect, with a whole stack of promotional videos released by Moto on their Japanese site. 

First impressions are pretty good. Motorola have been criticized over the years for their overpowering Blur software, but this looks a lot different. While not stock ICS, it isn't too far away. Right from the lockscreen, through the homescreen and into the app drawer, on appearance alone this is definitely ICS. 

Also worth a mention is the Webtop 3.0 interface. It looks an awful lot like an ICS tablet interface. Which is a good thing.  You'll find some of the videos after the break, with more available at the source link below. Some of them are in Japanese (as is the source page), but some of them are in English.

Source: Motorola (translated) via Droid Life


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Motorola show off a host of videos detailing the RAZR ICS update


I'm looking forward to seeing this on my wife's Razr. I've seen enough of the leaks on the Rezound to know the differences will be starkly different.

I don't live in a 4g area so i'm going to disable lte and the store is giving away a free external battery so that should make up for the battery life. I have had phones with even less battery life so if i have to charge it once a day that's fine with me.
If worse comes to worse i can just sell it and get something else.

Ugh, that phone still makes me angry. I was so pissed when I switched to one for a work device from a Samsung Fascinate.

Not for me, my phones been rock solid AND is getting ICE. I can only hope it'll look exactly like this.

well the dx2 has some serious lag out of the box. call quality and reception is great but it just drags along when you try to do any thing. So im very skeptical of motorola but after reading some reviews of the vzw gnex and with the dInc 4g looming above i've decided i'm just gonna get a used phone that's a bit smoother and wait out the summer.

AC IS SERIOUSLY SLACKING... Podcast are more like every othet week and had this up on the 26th..... LATE

This is nothing new. I don't suggest you follow AC to get the news first. I suggest you follow them to get their unique take on stories and to get some stuff you won't see on the verge.

In what ways was the Bionic made cheap??? I owned one and loved it. Only reason I switched to the Maxx was for battery size in such a sleek design. But the Bionic was built incredible. Especially compared to HTC, and Samsung devices.

I stopped visiting the Verge, they are nothing but Apple fanboys, no matter what Android has they seem to think that Apple is so much better. That 3.4 inch glass built fat phone with no LTE has nothing new but Siri they seem to think it is so freaken good. They have lost touch with reality, Android has pushed the envelope further then Apple has in years. I can not listen to their podcasts without punching my damn computer or throwing my new Android phone. I had to stop visiting the verge because it was costing me too much money in laptop repairs. Just my Opinion.
Android Central is more to my liking. Have a great weekend.

That not true and you know it. The fact that somethings are better on the iphone and ios and talked about doesnt make who say it a fanboy, and vice versa. Josh uses a Galaxy Nexus... I rather agree with them on most points, and I prefer Android as a hold, even though i am currently using an iPhone and not having many complaints..

"It's one of the best smartphones ever made... and it could be the best ever" - from Josh's review of the Galaxy Nexus. Gotta agree with vanadiumdroid; certainly doesn't sound like a fanboy to me!

That's nice. Like someone else said, they are far from redemption. I was a Motorola fan, but saying the D3 wont get ICS, which is less than a year old, puts them in the gutter with me. And now I'm stuck with this laggy ass phone, which won't get ICS, until my two year is up, f them.

I rooted my D3 over 2 months ago when I first got the sense that Motorola had abandoned us. Went with Hash-of-Codes' and haven't looked back since.
Hopefully ICS coming to the RAZR means that we should see some of the features that have been elusive up until now, like face unlock.

As far as rooting. I figure that if Motorola doesn't care about me as a Droid 3 owner, why should I care about maintaining my warranty? I keep good enough care of my phone that I don't really think it'll be a problem. Anyways, if my phone breaks now, even if I have a warranty, I feel like Verizon would just try and get me to move to a more popular phone anyways.

Wow... we'll finally (someday) get a OS update that Google released to all manufacturers way back in Oct of 2011.

Goodbye 2010 Gingerbread OS!


Great news and a welcome upgrade for RAZR users. I bet it will be a great experience.

PS - Can writers, or whomever, start posting the mobile links to You Tube videos again? Not that I dislike my laptop or anything, but I catch most of my news from my phone embedded videos don't always seem to work.