The Motorola Sholes is a hot topic here at Android Central HQ partly because of our excitement for a Moto Android device and mostly because of the disappointment that is the Sholes' teenage sister, the Morrison. We've been excited since we first saw the Sholes hardware and got even more excited after reports of the Blur UI surfaced. So is it possible to get even more excited about the Sholes? Quite simply, yes.

Why? Because if the rumors floating around are to believed--the Motorola Sholes will run Eclair and there'll be a GSM version offered (either for AT&T or T-Mobile) to go along with the reported Verizon CDMA version.

The Sholes running the Eclair Update to Android can be taken one of two ways--Eclair is closer than we think which means Donut is even closer than imagined or that the Sholes won't be available for a very long time. We're hoping/praying/crossing-our-fingers that it's the former and not the latter.

The GSM version of the Sholes is planned for 2010 and if picked up by AT&T, a very compelling Android device will be offered by both the number 1 (Verizon) and number 2 (AT&T) carriers in the US. And if the HTC Hero get's released on Sprint like expected, that'll mean every big US carrier will offer an Android device (T-Mobile already has two Android phones). Not too shabby.

Obviously, this report is merely a rumor but if all this falls into place--Motorola will be back and Android is going to get very popular, very soon.




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Motorola Sholes Will Run Eclair, GSM Version To Be Offered ?


I am sorry, but why do all the Android phones have to look like cobbled up prototypes. The G1 has larger build gaps than a GM truck and has that funky kickstand lip hugger. The Hero has the funky angle as well. This one looks like they could not find a screen big enough to cover the keyboard. No doubt, the plastic body pieces will not fit cleanly either because it would make too much sense and we can't have hardware that makes sense with Android.

To be clear, I am rooting for everyone except Apple and AT&T. The hardware piece should not be hard though. Apple's had it for 3 years now and not changed because it just works. Palm seems to have something compelling now. Come on Android...prove to the world that the same company does not have to control the hardware and software to make a good product. Please...

I fail to see why everyone is calling the Morrison a disappointment and a "teen" phone. Because it's blue? It has better specs than the G1 as far as I can tell (same processor power, more RAM and storage). If the G1 was that same electric blue would you have called it a disappointment?

But the Morrison/CLIQ is not blue now! only early prototypes were.... Here is what it really looks like:

I have no idea why people are still showing the old blue picture! This black, grey and silver phone does not look like a teen phone at all.

I guess it is the same reason why the people are complaining too about the picture of the early prototype of sholes (with the red key) when in fact many Motorola insiders have said it looks more like the black rendered images.

The real disappointment with Morrison ("Cliq") is its significantly lower display resolution (3.2", 320x240) when contrasted against Sholes (3.7", 854x480). Morrison is OK for the class of user to which it is directed, but I could really use the better resolution of the Sholes design.

Here's hoping for a GSM design with Sholes' display capability someday soon.