Motorola Sholes Tablet

Behold, the mythical (or not, we guess) Motorola Sholes. Our Mandarin Chinese is pretty darn bad, but the picture about speaks a thousand words: That's an HDMI port looking back at us. Tack on the 3.7-inch touchscreen (at WGVA resolution), a 3.5mm headphone jack, and 8MP camera with xenon flash, Android 2.0, TI OMAP 3430 (Cortex A8) processor, and so on and so forth. Any reason why we should spend our holidays pining for this one? [Mobile 1 via BGR]


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Motorola Sholes Tablet caught on camera


Calling that a tablet is beyond misleading. And caught on camera is wishful thinking. Until full pictures show their blurry cam faces I can't get excited about this.

Wow! I am really hoping it does come. to mobile, nice to have you back its been a while since you posted news almost. thought u gave up on the site nice to have you back.
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