It's no secret that Motorola was getting the groundwork laid out to update the Motorola Atrix 4G. The only thing we were not fully aware of was what, exactly the update would comprise. Now we know. The list below covers quite a few bug fixes and bumps the device into software version 4.1.57:

  • Fingerprint reader - Improved fingerprint reader performance
  • Battery- Improved battery performance for longer battery life
  • Screen - Display will turn off automatically now while charging directly on wall charger
  • Phone stability - Improved stability resulting in fewer occurrences of touch unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • Car dock - Improved performance of car dock and 3.5mm jack

While voice quality and upload speeds a definite concern for users, neither of those look to be covered by the 17MB update issued. However, Motorola has recognized concerns and as we know AT&T is working on enabling HSUPA on the Atrix. [Motorola] Thanks, C-MOE!


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Motorola sends out pre-release software update for the Atrix 4G


Well I guess whenever they push the update for it. I just don't want to mess anything up nor do I really feel like flashing back and unrooting. I just want the phone to be up to date. I heard when att enables hsupa it'll come with an OTA update also.I'm just trying to be prepared.

I got accepted to the beta program but no thanks. I'd rather have root/hacks then these "fixes" to kill the root path.

Hopefully it comes up here to canada soon, I've been having some issues with the headphone jack where music just randomly pauses,really annoying when i'm driving

Ive gotten the pre release. Things I've noticed:

1) It doesn't break root cause I can still sideload apps and use root access apps
2) Finger print scanner has been improved alot.
3) Touch sensitivity has been improved along with pinch to zoom
4) Battery Usage is more detailed to apps and home launcher usage

I haven't used bluetooth or gone through a battery cycle yet as Moto said these are improvements too.

It 100% breaks root. Sideloading still works for whatever strange reason and the SuperUser app is still present but nothing will be given root rights. Trust me I've been dealing with helping people fix issues over at XDA for a while now. No root right now for the beta testers.

Ok that sucks, what can I use to for back to stock rom? And I think superoneclick has an unroot button so that's easy enough.

Overall, I'm thinking this seems to be a pretty sweet update so far...the fingerprint scanner is awesome now! I SOMETIMES had to do it twice, but now it's awesome...I also thought, the whole point of the update, seemed to have worked too. i think it sounds better!! is that possible without a hardware upadate? Don't know...very goo stuff though!


Good to hear. It's handy to lock and unlock with the scanner, but it's been getting on my nerves lately. My phone won't let me update yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

I really didnt use my root option much. Just enabled it to side load apps and as long as I can keep doing that Im happy.

I think some of you are seriously mixing up your terminology. You don't need root access to side-load apps, at all. You do need root-access to run apps that require root privileges (like free WiFi Tether, Titanium, etc.).

Generally speaking, people who've rooted their devices never accept custom OTA updates (or any official updates), and they wait for a pre-rooted stock ROM w/the update that they can flash instead, or a custom ROM that includes the update. Now I know the situation is more restricted w/the Atrix and Moto phones in general, but the same theory still applies. I wouldn't accept any OTA or official updates 'till you're damn sure it won't break root.

With other phones, people running w/root access generally get updates before they're on official channels anyway (leaks, etc., a worst custom ROMs are patched within a day or two). I know there's less custom ROMs for phones like the Atrix, if any, but you should still be aware that many updates tend to break the exploits used to gain root access... Doesn't mean you can't otherwise acquire said update.

My RSS reader only had the headline "Motorola sends out Pre-..." and all I could think was; 'Please be pre-release info for the Bionic, Please be pre-release info for the Bionic." But no. Bummer. Oh well, it is nice that they are working on the updates though, makes me feel good about my future purchase.

Lol yeah that's gotta be a let down. Why do you think its taking moto so long to release the bionic? It is a badass phone though, if i wasn't stuck with att I'd be on verizon with the bionic. Pretty much the same phone as the atrix, minus motoblur.

To bad the update unroots your phone and the current option to root it no longer work. i updated mine and ended up returning it back to AT&T to swap for one that was not updated. I perfer root over the update

Just got the official version didn't sign up for anything connect to a wifi network then go to setting>about phone>system updates>

I didnt sign up for beta testing

WELL............when i got up this morning, the update was waiting for me to install on my Atrix. It downloaded and installed.


When the phone rebooted, it had 57 apps running. Most are new to me, being named like com.motorola or

ALSO, they cannot be stopped using app killer.

In addition to those new apps, I have duplicate apps running at the same time, apps which have never run at boot before. 2 Paypals, 2 Maps, 2 Vlingos,.................

I have been talking to Motorola and they have no idea what is happening.

I am now waiting for level 3 support to call me back.