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Throwing a wrench into some of the discussions in our forums and here on the site, Motorola took to Twitter today to say that it hasn't pushed out an update for the Motorola Droid since the December update, which we take to mean the Android 2.0.1 update. So what's the deal? And, more important, when will we see the Android 2.1 update hit? (Thanks, Jeremy!)

Update: Apparently all you pitchfork-wielding Motorola fans have spurred another comment from @MotoMobile:

Motorola update


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Motorola says no OTA update being pushed to the Droid


Nobody has received an update, It was just a bunch of LIARS wanting attention. It happens all the time. This was a big problem on Crackberry. To everyone that says you got the update I say post a screen shot or you are a LIAR!

I'm betting on a select few people just chose to make up the "update". Because the VAST majority of us Droid owners have not seen an update come, including Android Centrals!

i agree, there was no update to any droid. people are so lost sometimes. it was probably an update to a market app and they thought it was a droid update.

No, we're not stupid. Take a look at 95% of the Droid community, none of which have gotten any such update. Motorola themselves said there was no update, so maybe the question is, are YOU stupid?

Until I see screenshots, it's quite clear there never was an OTA update.

Chiming in: I did get the update and it reset my facebook settings (though I wasn't having a problem). And it does appear that my battery is lasting longer.

So, maybe 95% of the people out there... didn't SAY that they got an update because only 4% of all users post here...

As far as screenshots... sorry, didn't think to take one, as I, like ALOT of people who did get it were too excited thinking it was the 2.1 update.

No, 95% of the Droid community that POSTS has also not gotten any sort of update. Yet again, I am going to take the words of the majority and words from Motorola themselves over some internet post that is "reliable".

They are Quoting another website. One like Android Central that could see it's users on a trip to 15 min of fame ville, as we have. The first inclination to a "speculation" is the punctuation at the end of the title. Thats right a question mark. That means it was a question intended to the users infected, not to us user who have not gotten the update. I think you need to check your sources, I for one would trust the words of Motorola over a second hand "heard it from a very reliable source" website, even if it is a site like Android central or in this case Engadget.

And secondly Moron do you really believe everything you read on the internet, or are you one of those fools thats played up the OTA update?

I can't believe that some pitiful people are so desperate for attention that they "make-up" updates! Haha what fools! Get a job, get a life!! Do something productive!

I got some kind of update last Friday (1/15) and had to restart my Droid. I have no idea what it was but I did get one and I'm not a liar.

I just bought my droid on 01/16/2010 and about 2 hours into having i received an update. Was this the December update their talking about? I know it wasn't 2.1 of course.

my facebook app widget changed (with no update from the market)a bit with the direction of the arrows, but as of day before yesterday reverted back to east and west. WTF?

The update that some people got was a fix for the update that we all got. This have been documented. When some people got the 2.0.1 update, it was a bad version without (probably among other little things) the new Facebook app. So...some people got an update, but it was to bring them up to where the rest of us are, so that we ALL can get the next update with no problem...which is NOT 2.1, yet.

To those few who still insist they got an update, I say PROVE IT, or it didn't happen. How do you KNOW you got an update? From what I'm told this mysterious vapor update leaves no trace of itself by way of a new version or build number. Yeah right. I think you DREAMED you got an update. Wake up.

For those who claim that they didn't get an update, prove it! Or else you did get one!!! There are, I am sure, a variety of reasons people may have gotten updates. Doesn't mean one was pushed out. Previously botched update being corrected could be one.

When there was Dec. 11 update... There were a lot of news right after the update, although the first update was only for selected few.

Now, a lot of people claiming they got the update, but no proof?

Don't tell me this update was sent specifically to those who don't have any camera or camcoder.

Also, if it was system update of any kind, version number should change, to like 2.0.2. Otherwise, developers cannot manage and trace the code.

So, if somebody got the update, that could be something else, not the system update.

Uh have you heard of something called the build number? Just because the version of the software does not change the build number can. That's how they keep track of changes in the software not the version number.

The most important thing is that my Cliq gets of 1.5. Because that's just ridiculous, I don't even have the new market yet. My G1 was better than this.

reading that was the biggest waste of time


Droid owner who contacts companies directly

WHATEVER. I dont care anymore. Who cares. us droid owners are gonna get 2.1 update, play with it for a bit and at the end were all gonna say, "COOL".

This is garbage the motorola ceo made comments that we would get it in a few days a few weeks ago and where is it ... no where. For all we know the nexusone is the hold up with exclusivity. Why would they make a comment that they have no timing on a release of 2.1. One of the selling points of the droid is that it is google experience and you dont have to wait on the manufacturer for updates which google said causes fragmentation. Good thing this phone isn't verizon's flagship phone. Not to mention motorola was in trouble before verizon and google helped it out with this phone and they cant even push out reasonably timed updates or an explanation of what is going on. As much as i hate the iphone at least they all run the same version of the software. Motorola could have at least sent out the update that was planned today to fix some of the bugs that are still outstanding.

I am one of the few who got the faulty version of 2.0.1 - I could not update the facebook app and there were a few facebook problems. I was told by a facebook employee (via email, I can post it if anyone is curious) to expect an OTA update. It changed nothing other than fixing the facebook app (no battery life changes for me, that's probably what I call the "update placebo" effect.) So, don't feel bad if you didn't get it - you're lucky you didn't have the faulty version.

Thats a fix not a software update...These people are wondering about the entire 2.1 update not a facebook fix..Doesnt prove much about an ota 2.1 update

Its amazing how people can make up such rubbish without a single piece of evidence to back up their story of getting an update of any sort...we want to see screen shots..if you are experiencing an update on your phone, it will as you to update now, so you will know your getting it...Take a friggin screen shot of this so called update..For people that are so into the android system and spent so much money on these phones, we dont wanna get excited just because a few people decided to make up a so called update....Its only official when motorola, google or your phone carrier says it is...Not anyone if you dont work for any of them and you didnt create the update then dont say anything because i was excited myself , now im just getting mad..Especially seeing that the droid should have gooten the update as soon as the nexus one came out..Come on motorola , people still have 1.5 whats the hold up...If we have android phones we should all be runnning on the same 2.1 system..If the nexus has it and it can be ported to the droid where is it and on top of that whats up with the flash player..(sorry had to get that in there) So lets stop the rumors for god sakes

And as far as the CEO saying anything, come on if i wanted to sell alot of phones i would say that to..Is all about money and seeing who can take over the mobile phone market..Now if you ran a company (honestly) wouldnt you say things just to get people hyped so they would buy, buy, buy...Like i said listen to the people who make these things..Besides if your worried and excited enough that you might just pee your pants, (LOL), then contact motorola or your carrier, they have all the info...and as far as the verizon reps say, they have no information of an update yet , but one should be coming.( THATS NOT ACCORDING TO ME , THAT IS VERIZON) so do get it mixed up

To bad all the hype is about the nexus one and its 2.1 software...Lets get the droid back on the pedistool where it belongs..

What exactly is so hard for everyone to understand?

SOME users had issues with the OTA update from 12/11. It's a new device, on a new platform for the manufacturer. Issues are to be expected. Rather than let it go and force those users to 'deal with it' until the next software update (everyone here remember the Storm fiasco(s)?), Motorola and Verizon engineers got together and determined how to decide which phones were affected, and how to remedy the situation.

Those users received an OTA update. Based on the size it was probably a pretty comprehensive rebuild of their system to ensure it matches what is expected. Now THOSE users are at the same place as the users who did not require the fix. There is no difference, other than now things are working like they should.

2.1 is coming to Droid owners. It hasn't yet, because it's not ready yet. Be thankful someone felt it still needed work rather than tossing it out and pretending it's ready.

Bickering and demanding screen shots is ridiculous.

Seriously.. I agree with gbhil. I'm not 'delusional' and I'm not retarded. I got an update last week because I got a bad 2.0.1. I'm not a liar and the people who got the new 2.0.1 aren't lying either. Just because it didn't happen to you dpesnt mean it didn't happen to other people. Let's not all revert to our preconventional stages where we can't believe something that doesn't apply to us because we're not three anymore are we?

This has got to be one of the most inane threads I have ever seen. Take a picture of your phone while it's receiving an update? A week ago? Are you guys saying that every time you get an OTA update you take a picture of the phone just in case, in some crazy circumstance, you have to prove it really happened? Why would someone have done that a week ago before they knew that the 2.1 update news was fake? And, most importantly, how would you have even been able to tell that they were not getting the 2.01 update? All it says is "an update is ready for your phone," not "The highly anticipated 2.1 firmware is available for your phone." A screenshot would be 100% useless.

The only ones that I can definitely say are liars are the ones that said their number went to ESD59.

Did everybody here buy their phone based on vaporware? Or were we all just completely fed up with the crappy service and support of AT&T? My Moto Droid seems to work better than any phone I've had to date. It does more NOW than any phone I've EVER had. I'm sure the phones and updates of tomorrow will be way beyond our wildest imaginations. But, c'mon... 2.1, ESD59, pictures to PROVE an update? You are either 12 years old or you've only had girlfriends that were JPGs. I mean, really, the phone is a tool to help with your life. The phone is not your life. (or is it?) Only you can answer that question.

Or, we can continue to perpetuate the hype.