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Motorola has once again updated their Android software upgrades page, this time filling in much of the details for U.S. devices and the Jelly Bean rollout. It's a big (and getting confusing) list, so you'll want to be sure to have a look at the source link, but we can pretty much wrap things up with the short version.

These devices are getting, or have received Jelly Bean, and if any time frame was given, it is noted

  • DROID RAZR M (XT907) -- before 2013
  • DROID RAZR HD (XT926) -- before 2013
  • DROID RAZR MAXX HD (XT926) -- before 2013
  • ATRIX HD (MB866)
  • PHOTON Q (XT897)
  • ELECTRIFY 2 (XT881)
  • DROID RAZR (XT912)
  • DROID 4 (XT894)
  • MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi-Only (MZ604) -- July 2012
  • MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi + 3G/LTE (MZ600/MZ602) -- Q4 2012

As of today, if your phone or tablet (U.S. only) is not listed, the Jelly Bean update is not scheduled for you. Of course, Motorola says things are under evaluation, and subject to change.

Again -- these updates are for the U.S. only devices. Motorola hasn't updated anything about the rest of the world just yet, but looking at the list above it's pretty easy to come to a conclusion. If your phone was built after the Bionic, you might get Jelly Bean. If not, you can only hope it meets the criteria for Motorola's trade-up program

Feel free to fill the comments with opinions and rage -- just don't shoot the messenger.

Source: Motorola. Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Motorola revises Android software update page for US devices


I have an AT&T Atrix 4G and will upgrade it with the HTC One X+...thanks Motorola see you in other life!

Sorry do not trust any of that from motofail. We saw how the atrix and photon got treated. Promised ics and last minute said f u to the owners.

So the Xoom (3g/LTE) gets Jelly Bean but not the Xoom 2 (whatever the hell they called it) interesting. Also no Xoom Family Edition, did that one get ICS?

Just as Sony announced their plans earlier while it sucks to see your device unlisted at least you know the plans and are not just hopelessly waiting. The bad part is these plans can still change.

Remember this is Motorola's list and time table. The Carriers time table will be quite different. Verizon branded devices will probably see JB 2nd quarter 2014 at the earliest if at all. Others may not even bother as they'll want to sell you a new phone and extend your contract.

2014 really? Come on mrtramp, verizon sucks a big sack but moca choca latte will be out by then pimp Playa hustla. And yes I'm twisted on that crown n coke......holla!

Give Verizon some slack... it takes real time to stuff the OS with Bloat & useless-ware and make it so it can't be removed. Then come up with excuses why they can't unlock their phones so customers can't get all the features and functions they need and want. I'm sure they have teams of half-wits & lawyers working on the JB upgrade as we speak

Really??? Where, because I haven't seen it here yet... But then again it is Verizon and Moto... Kind of the Snail & the Tortoise of of the upgrade race

Oh and don't forget they updated the Droid Razr (not HD) and Droid Razr Maxx (not HD) to say that it WILL be getting Jelly Bean! Unfortunately no time frame was given!

Bionic here, Ummmm we are still waiting for ICS! this list means nothing to me. If this last update is any indication,I am almost 50 years old, by the time I get jelly bean my grand kids will have grand kids. :)

The $100 trade up looks to be finalized too. If trade up to a vzw device, $100 vzw gift card, att =$100 visa card.

Welcome to the world of Motofail. This is complete BS that they suck this badly. Google should use Moto as a weapon. That means kicking out updates very quickly doing OMG real support.

Yes, Jelly Bean, while my Atrix is stuck on GB forever...#MotoFail!! No more Motorola devices for me ever again! No matter if they change their policy and become the most supportive brand ever, i won't give them not even a cent from my hard earned money. Good bye Motorola! I already bought a GS2 while i wait for my contract to finish, after that, im buying a Nexus phone or something like that.

I am proud of moto for taking this impressive step by not giving up on old devices. I can only hope other companies follow in their footsteps

Your statement is outdated and needs to retire....

Moto said the Photon would get ICS. Then they said it wasn't. Then they said, again, it would get ICS within a few months. Now they say it ain't happenin'. So the Photon owners...like me...was PROMISED ICS after release, but they gave up on it. It wouldn't be that big of an issue with me cause the hardware and build quality is excellent but the software (motoblur) sucks donkey balls.

I sure HOPE that NO company follows in thier footsteps....Googerola has screwed the pooch...planning for puppies....

Considering how Motorola treated their supposed 2011 flagships... expect the Razr, Razr Maxx and Droid 4 (all basically the same phone) to have the update canceled at the very last second in a very subtle way to minimize the backlash. Or at the very least, the Bionic since its the oldest on that list. Either way, history says that list will be trimmed. < / angry Atrix owner's comment>

If there is one thing I learned from buying a wi-fi Xoom (on day of issue) is that I will only buy GED/Nexus devices from here on. Not only did we get Jelly Bean a few weeks after it was announced, while most of the Android world was clamoring for ICS, we get an updated Jelly Bean this week, 4.1.2. No one on the Xoom forums seems to find any feature specific to the Xoom with that update, but WE GOT IT.

Motorola has totally blown it. I will not buy from them again. In one document they both break all of their old promises and then ask us to trust their replacement promises. It seems that Google infused Moto with boldness, but not ethics or customer commitment. I understand if they need to reduce their support load. But when you do that, you do it on your back, not on your customer's back. At least not if you want to keep them. The $100 is a joke, especially to Sprint Photon customers where there is no comparable Moto upgrade device. Not to mention the lameness of $100 when we are all out more than that and locked into contracts. And what about the constant stream of lies: They said the hardware couldn't run ICS well, but not only did they already get ICS and JB on the Xoom, but XDA devs have all but the proprietary drivers working great. #MotoFail

After being a long time Motorola fanboy, I'm sad to say I'll be switching to the Windows 8 platform. I had the OG Droid, Droid 2, the X, and now the Atrix 2 on AT&T. I love Android but this while thing left a sour taste in my mouth. It's too bad too. I've always thought Motorola mixed design and performance perfectly... unfortunately the most important ingredient is support, and it looks like AT&T customers get the short end of a very sharp stick.... right in the back.
The $100 "credit" is a joke and if the Atrix HD is my only choice it'll be a cold day in hell before it graces my hands. Great job pushing one of your biggest admirers to a completely different platform. I promise you I'm not the only one.
Did I mention I work for an AT&T retailer? So I'll be pushing every product BUT yours. #MotoFAIL

This is a good list. I am pleased that Motorola is supporting so many phones into their 3rd major OS version. Few laptops last through one major Windows version so all in all it is a good plan.

Yea what the heck, Bionic is right there.... Ah well, I'm very happy with ICS and by the time they even think about upgrading to JB it'll probably be time to move on to a new phone.