Ol' Motorla's posted this little teaser video for next week's event in London, where we'll apparently be taken to "the edge," with Intel along for the ride. So pretty much we're expecting some Medfield action -- that's Intel's first foray into the Android world -- and dollars to doughnuts (not donuts) we'll see a display along the lines of the recently announced RAZR M, with its "edge-to-edge" glass.

Anyoo, we'll be there next week to bring you the whole thing live and in living color, so stay tuned.


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Motorola reminds us we're going to the edge next week


When is Google going to kick Motorola in the balls and force timely updates? They can bring out whatever they want, but it they can't stay on top of recent products, who really thinks they are going to be able to handle those and new ones too? Bionic, still waiting for ICS.....