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The Developer Edition of the Motorola Droid RAZR M is now available to order for those looking for an unlocked bootloader. Google and Motorola were rather vocal about their developer support at the launch event last week, and it's great to see them making good on the sentiment so quickly. Motorola already offers bootloader unlocking utilities for a few of their other devices at their landing page here

The civilian-issue Motorola Droid RAZR M hit stores just yesterday. You can check out our in-depth review for the full tour, but here's the short version. 

  • 4.3-inch qHD (540×960) Super AMOLED Advanced display
  • Dual-Core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM MicroSD Storage
  • Rear Camera:  8MP; Front Camera: VGA; 1080p HD video recording
  • DLNA, NFC, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.0.4
  • 2000 mAh battery

Developers and tinkerers alike are welcome to buy the developer edition of the Motorola Droid RAZR M over here for $549.99. Just remember, there's no warranty on that sucker. Any devs in the house considering grabbing one of these? 

Source: Motorola

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Loony2nz#AC says:

I'd wait for the MAXX HD and see what the price point is there.
I'm not going to be saddled with tiered data, so I'm forced to buy the phone at full retail. If MAXX HD is priced similarly, I'd raise an eyebrow. Although I'm still waiting for the next Nexus.


+1, on my short list to replace Gnex. The fact that the M was available this sson unlocked is a sweet thing for us waiting for the HD MAXX. Good next few months to come for VZW, with the Note 2 and HTC 5" coming too and maybe another Nexus. Can't wait to buy myself a Bday or Xmas gift, also buying retail or CL to keep my Unlimited LTE.

Loony2nz#AC says:

I meant to say "Razr MAXX HD DEVELOPER EDITION" seriously...why the long (#*#$ing names lately!?

patfactorx says:

Why does this cost so much more than a Gnex?

It's $100 cheaper than a G Nex. This is the Verizon-only version.

I'm hoping for a GSM dev model for $350 myself as well :)


1) Not a year old this November

2) Packing LTE (the Play Store nexus packs HSPA+ or somesuch nonsense)

3) Got Qualcomm S4 under the hood instead of TI OMAP

4) Brand new?

moosc says:

See Samsung this how you sell a devolper phone. And why the delay Samsung maybe u don't have the balllls to actually stand up against vzw.

piizzadude says:

substitute htc in there moosc, sammies can be crackedwith a feather

moosc says:

True but where talking devloper phones u can buy.

piizzadude says:

true but why buy it?

izual739 says:

Im sorry, but unlocked botloader is difrent from when you buy an "unlocked phone"? Im going to the U.S. soon, and wanted to snag one of these and bring it back to my home country.

jdotcarter says:

tempted to pull the trigger but it's likely that no one will dev for it. I just played with a stock one today and it's pretty sick. may have to blow my wife's upgrade and put her on the 2gb plan. ... trying.... to justify.... dev... edition.....

edit: oh and no white for this version?

WAldenIV says:

The phone is sick. I don't think it really needs a dev community. At some point the phones are going to be good enough with the stock, or near-stock, in this case, OS. I think Motorola nailed it with the M.

sojizy says:

If only they got rid of the Verizon logo on the bottom and made it a 4.5 inch screen. Phone would look so much better!!

vinny jr says:

The phone doesn't have enough int. memory 8gb is nothing at all. Put a quality device and then I would be happy, this is not my idea of a quality device.