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For what's ostensibly a mid-range phone, we've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of images produced by the Motorola RAZR i's camera during our first few hours with the phone. The device comes with an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording -- a spec it shares with just about every mid-to-high-end smartphone out there. But the images and video pumped out by the RAZR i are substantially above average. Maybe not HTC One X level, but certainly impressive given the class of the device.

In normal snapshot mode, image capture is near instant, something chipmaker Intel was keen take credit for in today's press conference. HDR mode takes a little longer to complete, but produces great results in bright outdoor scenes with a no noticeable ghosting. Helpfully, the camera app advises you to activate HDR mode where you're shooting images with very bright and dark areas. We did notice occasional discoloration in HDR images, however, likely the result of the post-processing and contrast enhancement that's employed by the phone's software. There are a few conspicuous absences in the built-in camera app, however, notably panorama mode. And there's only a sparse selection of effects, including black-and-white and sepia modes.

In our brief time recording sample video on the RAZR i, we were also pretty impressed with the footage produced. The frame rate was consistent, audio was relatively clear, and dynamic range was entirely reasonable.

So the overall picture is a positive one. If you're unconvinced, you can take a look at our sample shots and video after the break. Note that our RAZR i is running pre-release firmware, so the image quality in the retail version may vary somewhat.


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Motorola RAZR i initial photo and video samples


I don't mean to be a sourpuss here but it would probably serve AC's credibility if certain opinions would be more along the same line. Take for example this article and the review of Razr M. Unless Moto did something which seems very would venture to guess the camera on the I version is the exact same as the M version which (if memory serves me right) was described as more or less a big letdown. So..which is it? Is it pretty good or is it disappointing?

We don't know for a fact that the lens and sensor are the same. Even if they are, that's only part of the camera equation. You've got different hardware and different software powering it on the RAZR i. I just checked back over Anndrew's RAZR M review, and I haven't seen any of the issues he experienced with the M on the i. In particular, th shutter and autofocus are lightning fast on the i, whereas Anndrew reported lag on the M.

Thanks for the detailed response Alex. Interesting information and quite disappointing, hope it is indeed merely a software issue. Moto needs to step up its camera game though, compared to Sammy, HTC and Snapple I can't remember the last time a Moto phone had a camera on par with those manufacturers' top devices.

Building on this however; I always wondered if it wouldn't make sense to do a more standardized test for the phone cameras..similar to photography websites, but of course less detailed. E.g. shooting under comparable conditions to determine bokeh, shutter speed, iso performance, shooting a hue/color map to test color accuracy, etc.