Touchless Control

No new features being added in this initial Play Store release

One of the new headline features of Motorola's latest Droid line and the Moto X, Touchless Control, is hitting the Play Store today. Before you get too excited tough, the app is still restricted to just those four handsets — Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX and Moto X — at least at this point.

The app is showing up as an update for users of these devices, but there doesn't seem to be any change in functionality or features at this point. Moving this Touchless Control over to the Play Store does enable swift updating when new features are available though, much like we've seen with Google moving apps like its keyboard into the Play Store.

If you have your hands on one of the new Droids, be sure to grab the update on your device.

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Motorola puts Touchless Control app in Google Play, availability not expanding


This apk is a update to the system apk on the new Motorola's. You need to have the system apk for this update to work.

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This definitely will make updating a lot easier and should make getting 4.3 and any other updates a lot faster since it is pretty much stock android. Good move moto.

Another blog (that shall remain nameless) mentioned it adding a speaker option when placing phone calls - just a head's up!

So I see a few people have mentioned side loading, but is there any hardware that makes the touchless control possible? It would be nifty to have this on my DNA.

It will probably just be a battery hog without hardware like the X8 computing system Motorola is using. Instead of just a language processor running at all times you have the entire processor running at all times (this is a simplified explanation but I believe that's the gist of it).

Considering my phone regularly shuts down three of its cores I'm hoping it doesn't have to keep everything ramped up, we'll see.

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Been using Touch Control on and off since the Gnex. Since I don't always use it, because it's kernel related and often lags behind the most recent nightly kernel, I feel I can judge it's effect on battery pretty accurately. It's neglibible. From what I can tell it doesn't even use the input boost frequency so it's only using 1 core @ 384mhz on my N4 (w/ franco 176jss.

I don't understand this at all. if you want people to buy your new phones with great capabilities you don't turn around and put that capability in a play store so others can have them for almost nothing and without buying the new phone

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I'm shur it was only a matter of time u till somebody pulled the app directly off a moto x so it makes sense to make the experience the best it can be

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I'd like this on my nexus 7, would be handy while mounted in my vehicle

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Someone educate me. Is there any advantage to Touchless Control over regular Google Now, besides not having to swipe up to launch Google Now?

Don't get me wrong, not having to swipe up first is really cool, but it's not enough to make me hack it onto my Nexus.

It's quite a combination of little advantages that make this an interesting and wanted feature. For some devices like even the Galaxy S4 that don't even have the ability to swipe up for Google Now, this would add some level of ease.
The Touchless Control also adds just that even without touching, so I would even have to lift the phone from the table to perform the actions. Even if these features aren't really helping anything, the "wow" and "cool" factors will always make up want it (much like the 101 unneeded features of the Galaxy S4)

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Was able to install this on Galaxy S4. As mention, there is no launcher icon or way to start it, so I used Utter app to make a custom command that would start various activities within the App. So far starting each activity launches something which then crashes.

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Here's hoping that there will be an update soon so we can customize the command. I can't wait to be able activate my phone by saying "thundercats hoooo"

There's always Open Mic+

It works great, just needs the polished touches. But it'd be great if everyone who wants "touchless control" to give Open Mic+ a try; the more users the more development and support the app gets.

People who are talking about side loading this, you know it has to use motorolas new processing system to actually work right? That's why they have the other 2 processors is for this to work. However if you snag a Snapdragon 800 device you might be able to get it to work.

Yeah but a lot of us are hoping that an innovative developer can hack it up and make it work for phones with traditional chipsets. Getting the apk out there is the first step.

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Never happen unless it is a Moto Phone.

This is one of, if not the, major selling points of the new phones. If they open it to everyone, what could be my incentive to buy them?

Anyone who wants to try this should try No LED, it's an app that flashes notifications on your screen like Active Display.
I've had it for a year and use it on my Nexus 7.

And they call Samsung features gimmicks. Samsung pisses on this easily.

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He is referring to those who say that multi windows on Samsung phones and such gimmicks...

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And Mercdroid was referring to Richard's second sentence. Not the first, which you think he was referring to.

And you would know this because you've used it? Oh right, the Moto X and other applicable Droid phones aren't even on store shelves yet. Ultimate fail.

so... if this is only compatible with the new droids and moto x, why was this put on google play when those phones already come with it?

That's because it's only an update; this apk has no UI. In order for this to work, someone has to grab the apk from the system folder.

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