Motorola Xoom specs

With the Xoom's impending launch, Motorola has seen fit to post full technical specs up for the world to see. There aren't really any surprises here other than confirmation of a GSM version but no word on where or when we might see it. And yes, the WiFi-only and GSM versions are exactly the same as the CDMA one except for the radio. If you have a pressing need to find out just how many OpenGL extensions the Xoom supports (no, we aren't kidding), head on past the read link. [Motorola via Engadget, Motodev Forums]


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Motorola posts full Xoom specs, GSM and WiFi-only versions confirmed


If the WiFi only version does indeed have GPS and that's not just a typo that would be fantastic, then there really would be no need for a 3g tablet!

Come on Moto, launch the WiFi only version right after the verizon one, you can do it!

Totally agree. That was my biggest concern because the Wi-Fi iPad doesn't have GPS. Hopefully the 3G and Wi-Fi Xoom really are exactly the same other than the lack of 3G/4G.

Do you really want something as big as a 10 inch tablet vibrating? It would require a motor as well, which would increase the price i bet.

No info on memory. Does this mean they will all have 32GB internal with 32GB SD capability? If so, I'll get a WiFi on day 1 @ $600

I agree they should start using full size SD cards. This is why I'm holding out to see how much the Toshiba tablet is going to be. Toshiba will have a full sized SD card slot plus a full size host USB port for flash drives.

I don't get why a huge device like a tablet would have a _Micro_SD slot. Let us use full size SD cards! With SDXC support! I want to throw a Terrabyte of storage into my XOOM!

it has a micro sd slot because that's what most people are using on the phones so you can switch interchangeably

They need to let the public know the release dates for all three models (or at least the WiFi version in the US).

If I were Verizon I would not be happy with Moto letting it slip that WiFi model will be around $600, now a lot of people are likely going to wait for the WiFi version and undercutting Verizon sales. So hopefully Moto releases teh Wifi version soon.

I don't think Moto really cares about VZ making money. They are trying to pick up marketshare vs. Apple, HTC and Samsung. Besides, VZ hyped up the i4 so much that I cannot remember the last time I've seen a Droid does commercial. They are probably sticking it to VZ with the leak.

Maybe a dumb question....

What's stopping me from using my USB modem card and getting internet access from the WIFI only tablet? VZAccess manager not being installed on droid?

.. as long as there's an Android driver for the Xoom, nothing. I have my DInc rooted and will run Wireless Tether.

I heard that Verizon will offer upgrades to 4g for the Xoom. I wonder if the WiFi-only version of it will be eligible/upgradeable?

A locked bootloader is not necessarily a problem. You can still root, apply custom roms and other customizations. It just means you can't change the kernel. Personally I don't care for Motorola's products but this looks interesting, so don't go throwing out too much FUD; you'll scare the regular folk.


After playing with an iPad for the past week, I am so ready to own a tablet. I think this will definitely suffice for my first.

(My comment didn't pass the spam filter... must've been the work "iPad", haha.)

How exactly are these "complete" specs?

No dimensions
No weight
No battery info at all
Does it have a headset jack???
Does it have a dock port?
Doesn't say it has an SD slot or what type
Nothing about runtime
Nothing about RAM type or speed
Nothing about charging (usb? some other jack? voltage? time?)
Does not say camera is auto-focus or not
Nothing about buttons (volume? power? anything?)
Nothing about microphones (built-in? external? none? mono?)
Glass type?
Case type?
Etc, etc