Motorola Olympus

Behold, the Motorola Olympus? Perhaps. This may well be the rumored Tegra 2-powered smartphone from Motorola. The Olympus name's been floating around for a while now -- including one likely fake about screen -- with no real proof to back it up. The tipster -- who apparently shopped these pics around a couple of places -- offered no details with the leaked pictures (there's one more after the break), so we've got to go with what we can see.

But let's throw a little more fuel on this fire: We got a tip that Motorola's testing a phone codenamed the Evora -- a fully capacitive, rounded, dual-camera phone -- on AT&T. Which very much fits this bill. Except that the screen you see here looks a lot bigger that the 3.7 inches we were told the Evora sports. So we'll just have to see. [via Engadget]

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Motorla Olympus


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Is this the Motorola Olympus?


They just keep making more phones and not fixing the ones that people already bought.. The Droid X will be my last Moto Phone!

I agree. Not gonna buy any more Motorizon garbage. They got my money on the X, no more moto. Holding out for some sort of Nexus 2 on the LTE.

since att bought out my verizon contract and i am being forced from my beloved incredible I am just hoping either this, or the nexus s make their way to att before the beginning of the year.

I don't get the iPhone clone thing. The basic look of all modern smart phones is a slab phone. Basically one wants the screen to be as big as possible on a given phone size. And we all want a phone as sleek as possible. So how are we supposed to have innovative designs if the basic form factor precludes it?

Can someone please tell me why we can't have consistant ordering of the "hard" keys amongst these phones!? I realize HTC is probably to blame for this (Their home key is on the far left, where it's suppose to be) but what gives!?

All the android phones look the same...there needs to be some innovation on making these phones stand out a bit more.

Looks bland, could use some sort of styling or distinction... Thats one of the reasons I always liked HTC their phones run great and look origional. This looks like an Iphone3 with motorola written on the front (much like that stupid Armani phone).

Looks a lot like a Galaxy S phone. Also, anyone else notice that there's a lot of bezel around the screen. Especially apparent in the first image.

my next phone is between this and the galaxy s two...whichever is better haha..currently have the galaxy s and i love it!

If Motorola continues to lock their bootloaders, no sale. Would you buy a PC in which you couldn't install any other OS than the one that came with it?