The Moto G is as of now Motorola's lowest-priced smartphone offering, but the highly-popular G might soon be looking down at an even cheaper phone: the Moto E. Since its launch in November last year, the Moto G has gone on to be Motorola's best-selling smartphone in history, thanks in no small part to its incredibly affordable price point and decent performance at that price. According to Xataka México (translated), the Moto E will feature similar specs to the Moto G, but come in body that is thinner and more compact.

According to Xataka México's leak, the Moto E will have a 4.2-inch 720p display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage, a 5 megapixel camera, and a 1900mAh battery. Matched up against the Moto G's specs, that's a slightly smaller screen, half the storage, two fewer processor cores, and a battery that's about 10% less capacious.

What does one get when sacrificing such specs? Apparently it's a Moto E with a body that's just 6.2mm thick. Yes, 6mm. The Moto G measures in at and retails for 2999 pesos (US$230) off contract. That makes the Moto G comparatively husky at 11.6mm.

Mexico is also where Motorola launched the Moto G Forte, which is really just a Moto G with a Grip Shell. But it shows that Mexico is an important market for Motorola.

Source: Xataka México (translated); Via: Phone Arena


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Moto E specs allegedly leak, thinner body and low-price inbound


Hopefully this bodes well for the thinness of the Moto X successor!

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+1. I have quite a few smartphones, and I personally think they have gotten a little too thin (IMO, it almost feels like a toy instead of a $650+ phone). The iPhone 5S is probably the best example of this. Sure, it's made of metal, but it's too thin and light, it feels like I'm holding a toy. I'd rather they not go any thinner/lighter, and instead put a bigger battery in the next Moto X.

Wow. This seems interesting.. BTW, you forgot to mention the Moto G is a Quad core when you compared the specs.

Yea, but I mentioned it because he was comparing the specs to a Moto G.

Also, worth mentioning though the Moto G has four cores, they are Cortex A7 7 cores. The Moto X meanwhile, has 2 Krait cores ( which are based off of the Cortex-A15 CPU Architecture). Now, I don't know this for a fact, but I'm willing to bet the Moto E won't have Krait cores.

To get an idea of their comparative performance, there's nowhere better than Anandtech (look at the graphs):

-sorry for late reply, I was occupied with finals.

The LG F3 & F6 budget phones have 1.2 Ghz dual-core Krait cores. Snapdragon 400 to be specific, very thrifty with power and smooth. A7 & Krait aren't mutually exclusive.

Look at the comment before yours, the article was updated as a result of my comment.

-Sorry for late reply, had finals.

This race to the bottom by Motorola is really starting to irritate me. All they seem to be focused on lately is less & less in a phone. Even their so called top of the line, flagship phone Moto X was lacking out of the gate. - average screen, no wireless charging, no FM radio tuner, no SD card, no IR blaster, no Maxx battery & the camera SUCKED bigtime..
Then they wonder why Samsung & LG kicks azz every year & Moto is hundreds of millions in the red

Agreed. Moto really threw in the towel as far as competing in the high-end after the Bionic, Atrix, and RAZR/RAZR Maxx. The RAZR HD arrived months too late to market in 2012 and trailing the GS3 juggernaut in RAM and camera/screen quality. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Moto's race to the bottom reeks of Palm's final days of desperation as they kept focusing on increasingly gimped and neutered versions of already mediocre devices (Treo-->Centro and Pre-->Pixi) as well as RIM/BB continuing to churn out "new" yet horribly dated BB 7 devices in the present.

How about this phone being simply an experiment they want to do.
They know the average person won't look at this but it's something they want to see what sticks.

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+1 as an experiment the moto g is a huge success, it's shown me what I really need in a phone, now I hardly touch my nexus 5, so as an experiment the e can only serve to show me I can live with much less, & how efficiently KitKat can run on the lowest of low spec hardware with motos optimization, I expect this will punch well above it's weight once again

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You listed almost entirely niche features. Very few phones have an FM tuner and very few people care about one, SD card support is dying across ALL of Android, IR Blaster is a barely-used gimmick, only the Maxx has a Maxx battery, which is one submodel of a carrier-exclusive device. About your only points that matter are wireless charging, and that only matters to me because I use it while most of the flagships don't have it either, the camera, and the screen.

Yep SD card support is really dying. That's why both the S5 and M8 have it. Damm those high end phones.

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Meanwhile Android, itself, has all but killed it. That's my point. It's a dying feature, regardless of manufacturers clinging to limited support of it.

The main point i'm trying to make is if your going to release multiple phones 1.- high end, flagship, 2.- mediocre, economy, & 3.- low end, entry level.. Then your high end phone should be just that - High End!! with all the latest "niche" features or options if your willing to pay for them.
Everyone loves choices. If your a moto fanboy/spec whore like me, a phone will all those features i mentioned (at or under the $600 price point) would've been great for those of us that can't stand touchwiz, sense or lg launcher

Tell that to all the Moto X owners who are excessively happy with the phone. Yes, we all slammed its specs when it was announced. And then people used it and shut up pretty darn fast.

Still, I expect the update to go a long way to making us all happier.

SD card is a niche feature? Most people I know use this feature. Then again, a lot of them have either Samsung or LG devices. Don't even mention the G2 not having an SD card slot. I think that was an American carrier decision because the G2 in Korea has an SD card slot and so did every LG device preceding the g2 and I think the next LG flag ship will have an sd card slot. FM tuners are a good feature and can come in handy (I live in hurricane prone Florida) I used the ir blaster on my HTC One a lot. I used the phone over the tv guide because the interface was much smoother and faster than my cable box (Comcast). What I think is a gimmick is wireless charging, though I think it is a good one. You can simply just plug your charging cable into your phone. I also like playing my games while having my phone plugged in so I don't have to lose a lot of power. How would wireless charging work while I'm gaming, reading, browsing, texting or watching a video while in bed? As much as I don't like my z1s because of its touch screen issues, I have to say that the battery lasts a while. I always have around 60 percent by the end of the day. I think your comment about SD cards dying across the board was rather foolish and obviously based on misinformation. Could you tell me 1 recent flagship (using the 801) that doesn't have an SD card slot? I think the people have spoken on that one. Even HTC had to change their stance.

Listing all the things YOU do personally doesn't say a word about what the majority of people do. And I can pretty much guarantee you a majority of the market barely knows about that SD card slot, much less how to make it work well around the limitations Android has imposed upon it lately. You and I are a different breed. We don't drive the market with our niche needs.

And you do realize wireless charging isn't either/or, right? It's not as though my Nexus 5 doesn't let me plug it in, which I do very, very frequently. Wireless charging is in ADDITION to.

And no, my comment about SD cards dying was anything but misinformed. Android's been killing off support for them bit by bit, version by version, and fewer and fewer phones have made it a priority. More importantly, they no longer ship with them and the average user has no clue how to use them. Their support IS dying. The hardcore fanatic crowd, like us, is NOT the majority. We may be loud on blogs, but we're hardly a blip in the market.

Turbo.. you keep saying that only us geek/spec fanboys care about those "niche" features and the average buyer doesn't know or care about that stuff. If that's true then why did Moto put a FM tuner in the Moto G but not the Moto X ?? Its those lil things that catches the eye of the average shopper and influences their decision on what to buy. Why do u think phones like the GS-4 & Moto G sold so well?? Damn sure ain't samsung's bloat that makes their phones so popular.
Motorola should be embarrassed that their entry level phone outsold their flagship phone. Every phone they release should have a Maxx battery, not just sum droids. All day battery life is a great marketing ploy everyday people can relate to.
and the camera was the biggest disappointment of all. There is no excuse why Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC, Apple & Samsung are all years ahead of Moto's phone cam. I can honestly say both the GS-3 and the iPhone 4 can take better pictures than the Moto-X. Its ridiculous

FM Tuner was included in the chipset they purchased for the Moto G, so as opposed to ignoring it, they included access. Simple as that. As well, Moto G owners are more likely to be on budget mobile service without unlimited Internet, therefore more likely to rely on FM radio than Internet radio. So it actually DOES make more sense for it to be in the budget phone than the expensive model. Those aren't well-marketed features. You actually think people who are picking out a phone in a store are even AWARE it has an FM tuner in it? It's not in posters, it's not on the price tag. It's a buried feature. It's not a phone-selling feature. And it sure doesn't explain why the GS4 sold well. You really think an FM tuner is responsible for the sales of the GS4 versus the MASSIVE marketing for it? You really think it's the reason the G sold well versus the fact that it's the cheapest phone that doesn't suck BY FAR? You're making some really weird leaps. Samsung's marketing budget is MASSIVE. That's it. They've got momentum, they've got control of the market, and they're the de facto standard. If quality and specs alone was the benchmark, we'd see HTC and Sony and LG outselling them.

And Motorola shouldn't be remotely surprised, nor should ANY company, that a $179 phone outsold a $500 phone. A lot more people in the world can afford a $179 phone (free on basically any provider) than can afford a $500 phone. It has NOTHING to do with specs and everything to do with price.

And no, not every phone they release should have a Maxx battery because most people do NOT want that bulk. I'd love that much battery life, but the increased size isn't reasonable. Besides, the Moto X gets fantastic life without it.

Yes, the camera was a disappointment. I won't disagree with you one bit. Hopefully the next one isn't. But you can pick out disappointing features with ANY flagship. Look at the Sony Xperias that were killer, but had TERRIBLE screens. Look at the Galaxy line and the Touchwiz and size and poorly-considered features. Look at the G2 with its rear buttons and bad software. Look at the One with its height and low-res (but great lighting) photos. Every flagship has things you can pick out about it that are disappointing. The Moto X turned out, by every single account of owners of it, to be a KILLER phone despite its specs. I have a Nexus 5 right now that I love, that bests the Moto X on virtually every feature, and every time they put the X on sale I consider buying one anyway. The phone is THAT good despite its limits. The next one will hopefully remove the caveats altogether.

Also valid. The point of Maxx is to be an increase over the norm. Although I'd love if the norm WAS that kind of battery life, personally. I don't see any point to NOT aiming for that, other than the necessary increase in size. If we could get two days' worth of life without the extra bulk, who WOULDN'T want that? But since we can, Maxx remains an OPTION for people who can withstand the increased bulk.

Moto X , best phone I have ever owned. Everything you mentioned is not that big of deal to me. Sometimes less is more.

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Agreed. Moto needs to stop with this race to the bottom. They need to completely scrap the Moto G. Who cares if its their best selling smartphone in history, they should just forget about the billions of potential customers in developing countries. Focus more on the next X. And don't give us another phone that's widely considered one of the best phones of the year, give us a crap filled spec beast.

Isn't that a bit like saying Toyota should stop making the Corolla and only make the Lexus??

Agreed.. A race to the bottom will do just that. Put you at the bottom.. The G is the lowest they should go. Which I don't even think they should have made that one. The X is low enough, they need a premium device. Moto seems to be the only one that gets it and they're going backwards now.. Wtf

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

The Moto G is their best selling smartphone in the company's history and you think they shouldn't have made it? I hope to god that you are never ever put in charge of making any decisions that affect anyone ever. Wtf

Yes the moto-g is their best selling phone ever but what good did it do them?? They are bleeding money like crazy. I don't know what the total production cost of the phone is to compare to retail price but the mark up can't be that much. so if your just barely making a profit or breaking even then why bother doing it at all.
Seems like instead of changing course & learning from past mistakes Motorola wants to double down on stupid. If they keep this up no doubt they will end up like Palm & Blackberry.
As a long time Motorola customer & fanboy i want Moto to be a strong, viable, financially secure American company. That's why i hope regulators kill this Lenovo deal. as if we don't have enough cheap crap from China on our store shelves

Moto has said that they make a profit on each Moto G unit. So they're making a profit on each unit and its their best selling smartphone ever and somehow that is doubling down on stupid? Because it sounds to me like that's exactly what any company that wants to make money should be doing. Making a product that sells well and makes a profit. But hey, why bother doing it if its making a profit? I guess I'm doubling down on stupid too.

They can say whatever they want but numbers don't lie.. If they are truly making a legit profit on these budget phones & they are selling like mad then why are they posting record losses every quarter?? the math just don't add up.

They make it because they are trying to reestablish their brand again. I think it's smart. They are selling these phones in emerging markets.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Put them at the bottom of what? The list high priced phones? The Moto G is an excellent device (wife and daughter have them) and a great price point. It's 1/3 the cost of the current top of the line phones. It's better in performance and cost then most 1.5 year old *used* phones. The price/performance is out of this world... and maybe it will lower the price for all phones.

Moto is in this to make money. Let Samsung and LG bash each other with expensive phones that have to hide the cost in a contract, while you sell a huge number of cheaper phones. Who's gonna make more money? Thank's Moto!

It's awesome to see such care with evolving markets. I can speak judging by the Brazilian market, which, before the G, didn't have any admirable and affordable Android device. Just a lot of Samsung and LG, sorry for the term, crappy devices, with relatively high prices. Nokia nailed with the 520 and Motorola soon followed the example. Really, people, you have no idea how expensive a S5 can be here: more than U$ 1000,00. And that's the basic model...
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Yeah, that's all well and good. But they can cater to the premium market too.. They're neglecting it for too long. Moto will become irrelevant if they don't step it up big time, like this summer.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

Maybe in America. But there are other countries out there. Many of which aren't saturated by Apple and Samsung so they might have a chance of selling some phones. Makes much more sense than trying to gain market share against those two.

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Yeah..... Riiighht... HTC gets it. Moto seems confused about the market. HTC just needs to tone down Sense to like, not existent.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

Hey guys i think you don't see the big picture here when you say that moto has a race to the bottom. You are forgetting that this phone together with the moto G is probably aimed at the emerging markets in South America and Asia where people still use "dumb phones" as their main go to devices. What the people want is affordable phones with smartphone functionality. If the phone lack lte or sd or comes with a mediocre 720p screen is not a deal breaker for them. I think also that this is a great phone for students and older people who still haven't made the switch to the smartphone world.

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Exactly! Who cares about the billions of potential customers in those "slums" lets try to steal 3 or 4 million customers from Apple! I mean there is no competition anywhere for Apple which is why iOS has such a dominating market share over Android.

As more companies switch to BYOP plans and subsidies fade away, the demand for reasonable priced phone will rule.

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True, maybe in 50 yrs that will happen.. But for now, subsidies rule until Americans learn math!

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I love the thickness of the Moto G. Half that thickness would seem too fragile for me. The screen is a perfect size, too. Not sure I would like 4.2". I also like the specs you get in the G for the price. I would only buy this Moto E as a gift for someone just switching to Android who doesn't care about mid to high tier features.

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The lack of specificity among the specs in this article is blatantly expressed in the comment I'm replying to.

I like what Motorola is doing as of late, I hope with new ownership they can begin to give Samsung a run for their money.

Via my Nexus 4.

They could'a named it the Moto A for Anorexia or B for Bulimia. I suppose Moto E = Emaciated could work.

I got my Moto G for $100 through Radio Shack signed up to Boost Mobile. $230 for a worse phone is a joke.

I do not mind a slim phone.....I will put it in a thicker will be a win win...thicker phone and more protection

And all those people who want Motorola to make flagships should realize that some people just prefer value for money over specs That being said an Ir blaster is not a gimmicky feature...... The only thing I miss in my moto g is a IR blaster and a gyroscope for clicking photo spheres

Exactly. You'll spend all your time deleting photos, music and juggling apps. Surely an extra 4GB will not add too much to the cost!

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SD card support (installing apps to SD) is why I'm buying a Windows Phone.

Also, plenty of Android tablets have SD cards, so it is definitely not a dying feature.