Motorola Mobility will start revealing some new "stuff" they have in the works at 2 am Eastern time early on Friday morning. That's 1 am Central time, midnight in the Mountain time zone and 11 pm tonight if you are in the Pacific time frame.

Yes, that means if you are a gadget news junkie, you will likely have to say up late to get the scoop if you live in the continental US. Motorola used its Twitter account to offer their pre-announcement alert. But what will they reveal? Thankfully, we don't have long to wait. Stay tuned as we will have all the details. In the meantime, what do you think Motorola will announce in a few hours?

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Motorola Mobility has something to reveal at 2 am Eastern time Friday


Then what was that German thing? Motorola is of no importance to the majority of American mobile phone buyers. If you mentioned the name Motorola to them they'd say "I thought they went out of business in the 80's." or "don't they make walkie talkies?"

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Indeed, their name recognition stateside is still pretty strong despite their terrible terrible marketing. Very strong I'd say, probably got a big boost in the early Android days thanks to VZW's Droid campaign (which encompassed mostly Moto phones, and still does). VZW spent a ton on that, you don't license something from Lucas unless you're spending big.

This is the dumbest mobile phone related comment I've seen in a long time.

The MOTOROLA RAZR was the single most popular mobile phone from 2003 to 2006ish. They sold hundreds of millions of Razr variants around the world and the Razr was a cultural icon for a few years.

They will reveal another product that won't matter. Just like all their other products.

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Good old Richard, we can always count on you for an unbiased well thought out comment.

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Late to what game? I wasn't aware of a game starting at some linear point in time. I would have bought tickets. Damn... I feel jipped.

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What's a normal time? 1AM CST is a normal time for other parts of the world. Moto doesn't cater to the AC American enthusiasts. They have customers (the majority in fact) in other parts of the world.

Yeah... No, not really. Of all the smartphone OEM, Motorola is probably the most US centric as far as sales goes. At least traditionally, thru the years, the G slowly started to buck that trend but the X launched in the US first too IIRC.

Plus they're the only major OEM actually based in the US... Sony - Japan, Samsung/LG - Korea, HTC/ASUS - Taiwan, who am I missing? The Lenovo deal should change that, but until then they're very much a US company.

So no, I'm not trying to slight the rest of the world or sound xenophobic (shoot I'm not even technically IN the US, PR here), but Moto's just doing this cause they're dumb and failed marketing 101, not cause they're trying to cater to a worldwide audience.

Regardless of where they made the phones, the fact is that most of their sales are NON-US. Historically, the Moto G is their best selling phone EVER. So they're following the money. They are revealing their new stuff at a decent time for their newest money making audience. US is NOT a money-making audience for them.

I wasn't talking about where they make their phones (only one assembled in the US was the X I think and that plant already closed it's doors), but about where they've sold the vast majority of their phones for years. The G was literally their first worldwide hit in ages...

They still have a healthy market here with the Droid line, units sold doesn't necessarily reflect money made off that since it involves exclusivity deals etc. Plus they're announcing a Moto X replacement and a watch that capitalizes largely on Google Now and where does that work best?

They're not trying to pander to anyone here, and if they are they're doing a terrible job. A teaser tweet in the middle of the day in India (later still in the rest of Asia) for something that will actually launch on a live blog in the middle of the night there (mid day in Chicago) isn't exactly what I'd call catering to Asia.

Never mind it's Friday, which is a terrible day to launch anything. It's just poor timing all around on Moto's part, nothing else. If they hadn't held a closed doors event already I'd say they completely botched it, but there's still time for media hype tomorrow before online availability.

They probably didn't go sooner cause of IFA and might've not launched even earlier cause they just weren't ready.

Moto G is their best selling SMARTphone. Original RAZR is their best seeking phone ever.

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Maybe the US would be a money making location for them if they actually paid more attention to marketing their devices here.

Well, yeah. I was thinking of Android OEM mostly tho, otherwise there's also Micronokia... Not originally US based but the way they're slashing jobs they might soon be.

Although their super-secret event was in Chicago today. I highly doubt this is going to be catered more towards international sales, but color me wrong if it is!

They are going to have announcements every day until the end of "summer" and we have to guess which day it will release.....and then they will still wait until "early" fall.

It better be worth my time to stay up until 2:00 am. So far with the Yo contest and now this I'm not impressed with how its all being handled.

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Oppo was Oppo, they've been around quite a while despite the confusing connection between the phone division and the older home electronics division.

I better not say anything bad about these folk..oh yes I will..theyre morons...they admired their blah blah blah stfu.

GNote 4 and its new smart watch it is for me. There is nothing Moto can do now. Sorry. A little late. Besides, I give the Chinese to much of my money as it is....not giving it to Lenovo.

Can you imagine the time it will take Samsung to hack that little bent screen's worth of apps onto L? I'm guessing the Edge won't see L until like July 2015...

A little late??? The Note 4 isn't even available yet. It's quite possible new Moto's will launch before the Note 4! I really don't understand what goes through people's brains sometimes. It's quite astonishing.

Because I already have my mind made up. AND if you had read, it doesn't matter what they have because they are Lenovo.....

Comprehension fail....

Nothing I can do about where they are assembled. And no, I would rather give my money to a US based company but I would rather give it to Korea than China since there is no other option. If Moto was still a US company, they'd get my business.

Yeah, that kinda xenophobic comment makes no sense and has no place here. Plus technically speaking Moto is still a US company for now and will probably be US based for a while (unless Lenovo intends to uproot a couple dozen/hundred designers and engineers overnight, many of those already moved across the US not too long ago).

If you think Lenovo won't move the whole shebang to China ASAP, you're kidding yourself. What's xenophobic about not wanting to export all your dollars overseas? Whether it's China or Korea it's money and jobs going overseas. That's no more xenophobic than the very common 'buy local' campaigns.

But you admitted you're gonna buy a phone from a foreign company either way, just not a Chinese one right? Except that Chinese company isn't really Chinese yet and still employs a few hundred Americans, whole concept just lacks logic, no offense.

China won't hold a monopoly on low cost silicon production forever anyway (nevermind the Taiwan situation either), it's all moot, in a couple decades it'll be someone else unless someone does something to bring those jobs back (and some are actually, doing something that is).

Not buying this or that accomplishes nothing in the grand scheme tho.

All phones are built in Asia.. Even apple.. And before anyone starts. All phones that matter..

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What does it matter? All phones except Motorola and Apple at this point are non-US based. Moto, at some point, WILL be bought and finalized by Lenovo and moved over sees. Why? Taxes. US taxes are the highest in the world and since Lenovo's mobile business is booming, it only makes since to move them.

Sure, moto still employs a few hundred American workers and if Google wasn't in the works to sell, I could and would see your point. But in the grand scheme of things, it's my choice. Not yours. And for you to tell me what I should buy based on your premise....your no different than the communistic Chinese party.

They might as well move to Asia then.

Oh wait, that's already happening soon with the Lenovo deal anyway.

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No one said anything about a press event anywhere. They said they would leak information. They might want to do that at a better time in the market they do better in. Just a thought

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They're really not, the Moto G was a hit over there, but it was their first huge hit outside of the US market in years. This probably has more to do with the press event that went down behind close doors today (an AC editor might even have a 360 on hand already), and NDAs lifting at midnight or tomorrow morning so sites will be posting or leaking info left and right...

More than anything it's a marketing fail, which Moto seems to be particularly good at. Sorry, but they just are, I'm buying a 360 the second it's available and haven't been terribly bothered by all teases, but it's starting to get silly and there's no denying Moto has handled this scenario pretty terribly in the past.

Yeah, I love the Moto X, Wife has a G and the 360is by far the sexiest smart watch announced. But holy cow this marketing non-event is being handled poorly. I'm reminded of Palm or Blackberry.

What...why? Why would they think 2 AM EST is a logical time to announce anything? I guess that's just when the embargo lifts and everyone can post their queued up stories, but still...what a strange way to announce something.

Nope. Today was and always has been a private press event. NDAs included. People jumped to conclusions and are now butthurt that they have to wait a few more hours.

If Motorola decides to not put anything on sale tomorrow after all the delays. I give up on them. Send them to China.

For their own good, they better not keep us waiting any longer. There's too much competition now since the IFA event yesterday, and not to mention Apple too.

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Probably not, Friday launches are weird, specially at brick and mortar stores. They would've built up to it all week if it was gonna be in stores tomorrow (or should've, who knows with Moto), plus some Best Buy employee would've leaked it by now.

It MIGHT be available for online ordering tomorrow tho, hopefully... Didn't the first two Wear watches launch on the Play store first then Best Buy etc later?

If it's not: "you can buy the moto360 today" I'm going to be pissed. (and probably buy it whenever it's available anyway)

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Well score one for working third shift I guess. I'll be at work at 1am in the morning. Now everyone else will know how I feel when I sleep through big announcements.

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Lol I am just not going to try and figure out moto's logic anymore. They are all over the road half the time. Maybe lenovo can give them some direction.

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Stupid! When everyone else from Asus, Samsung, Sony to HTC kept their time and showed off their wares, what is so special about MOT? They have been losing a lot of PR points starting with YO. Maybe they wanted to add a GPS to the watch in the next few hours? If so, I absolve them :)

Let me start off by saying that I don't feel as we are entitled to anything; but in this day and age, press only events, and timed information blackouts are just stupid.

The internet is watching, we ALL knew today was the day Motorola. This artifice does nothing to help your marketing efforts.

See you tomorrow.

Hey go to and watch the video about the Moto G is what its going to be called and it has some upgraded specs!!! It worth getting for me!! P.S. the video is in Spanish.

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Moto g2 has already been leaked, want to see new moto x and how optical zoom works

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Not going to give Moto too hard of a time but there better not be any exclusives this time. No ugly grey front facing speakers either or I'll have to go with the Note 4 for sure. s the same as owning a Sammy these days. You know it's cool to put down the best selling devices! Even if you had them before they were the top dog.

Could you please include GMT in posts like this, it is so bloody annoying to have to convert it. You Americans aren't the only people interested in this sort of stuff!

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I think the Brits are just pissy the world doesn't revolve around them anymore (though soon enough it will be China)

"Ok Google: What's 8am Pacific Time in Greenwich Mean Time?"

Welcome to the modern age. No Abacus necessary.

You do know what an Abacus is, right?

Well I've been patiently waiting for this. I'm starting to wonder if Moto really doesn't have anything really in the tank for us here in the states. Im the only one I know who is still considering a motorola product at this time. Everyone else is Samsung or Apple that I know of.

I'm actually very interested in Moto's offerings stateside. No iPhone for me, and my current Samsung is no match for the Moto X I tried out. It's time for my upgrade and is love a Moto product.

In addition, the 360 seems like a nice December birthday present to me...

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Motorola isn't announcing anything at 1am. They already announced everything at the private press event today. The embargo lists at 1am CST, so at exactly 1am, you'll see tons of articles go live on all the big tech sites. It's a terrible way to do it, but that's how they decided to go. I'll be sleeping, personally. The pre-written articles will be the same in the morning when I read them.

Well they could issue a press statement and probably the products will go live at 11 PM PST? There were strong rumors that Best Buy says Moto 360 is available starting Sep 5th so wouldn't be surprised if the products go live.

Brick and mortar launch on a Friday with no pre release hype* is highly unlikely, and very rare, I wouldn't put it past Moto but I wouldn't bet on it either.

*Taking about actual mass market advertising here, not leaks and tech blog rumors.

Yeah, I dunno why they went this way, the Moto 360 will probably launch on Play first tho and it doesn't take long to review that, if they gave them out at the event today then writers have plenty of time so that launch might not be impacted too much... Friday launch for a new phone on the other hand is pretty terrible, unless they're just announcing availability down the road.

Chances are they picked a date at the crossroads of 360 availability and not announcing the new X/G too far ahead of the actual launch, then realized it was in the middle of IFA and somehow ended up with this scenario (why they wouldn't just use IFA I don't know).

That's a terrible strategy, it's been proven social media works for the entertainment industry but it's a money sink for anyone else.

Some moto employee said "first thing tomorrow". That's what they mean by it.

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You do realise that this release time coincides with the start of day 2 of IFA in Berlin. Which makes perfect sense as they'll be showing off the hardware there.

Will they? They're doing a live blog tomorrow, supposedly to officially launch what the press already got to look at behind closed doors today (in Chicago, not IFA)... If anything it seems like they're ignoring IFA while trying to launch several products as it happens. Kinda dumb if you ask me but whatever, just take my money already Moto, gosh!

Yeah, who knows, maybe they'll live blog from the IFA floor... But if that's the case they should've made that clear from the start instead of letting the public hear about a press event in Chicago the day before when everything that happened there was under NDA.

Just poor marketing/timing all around for them, tho they might've been holding off to see some competition pricing at IFA... Doubtful tho.

From Twitter:

Motorola Mobility @Motorola · 6h
It's almost time! Starting at 1AM CT (Sep. 5), check back here as we start unveiling the new portfolio of Moto products...

These are the marketing geniuses that made the original Moto X such a great seller. :-)

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Ehh, after all the fire sales it might've pulled in decent numbers for a not-quite-flagship phone from someone not called Samsung... And I don't blame them for going with an exclusivity deal first, it meant guaranteed sales and probably facilitated Moto Maker. I'm sure Moto needed the cash, but yeah, Moto marketing is terrible.

Right now I can't even remember a Moto marketing campaign outside of VZW's Droids (and VZW handles that). They seem to wanna be all eddy and new age with these Moto X exclusive sales and Yo and liveblog launches, but it's not coming across at all. The G sold well in spite of their bad marketing, having a good product at a good price does wonders...

They could go so much farther tho, hopefully Lenovo helps them.

They will reveal the new Moto X, New Moto G, announce Moto 360 release, and a Bluetooth earpiece that is intended to enhance Touches Control.

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Man, if those truly are the specs for the X (2nd Generation), then there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. I wonder what the price points are going to be? Will they price it according to the market and then drop the price later? Or, will they shoot for aggressive pricing from the get-go?

I'm certainly disappointed. Was considering the g2, but not now, if that leak is real. Prices will likely be about the same, IMO

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Specs, shmecs. The original used 'old' specs and still ran better than any other phone on the market. Let the dippos at Oppo drool over specs, I care about performance.

I'm not really concerned over specs, lol. I'm just curious to see how Motorola is going to price this beast, considering all of the price drops that the previous iteration saw. But, you know as well as I do, that Moto is going to get bashed hard by the spec whores, haha.

It has the similar specs to the SGS5 and HTC One. The only problem I see is the battery at 2300mah. That is bad.

I was hoping for a decent smaller phone from the G. 5 inches is too big, 1 GB RAM is not enough. Too bad the xperia z3 compact will never make it to the US

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Yeah, I hear ya. The market for smaller flagships is definitely not being properly catered to. And, before someone else chimes in with it, "Just go get an iPhone" is not a valid response.

What happened to the Motorola Chicago event that was supposed to happen today? Was that canceled? I didn't see anything about that on any tech sites.

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It happened, turns out it was a closed door press event. They probably announced anything under NDA, should've kept the event under wraps if they were gonna do that, but Moto is pretty good at screwing up like this. The real question is whether the press got to take anything home and whether they'll actually put anything for sale online tomorrow after the live blog and Twitter nonsense (highly doubt there'll be anything in store on a Friday, maybe on the IFA floor tho).

Not sure I ever go to bed before 1am, so there! ;p I've maintained up until now that Moto wasn't to blame for most, if any, of the 360 hype... But if they don't announce immediate or near immediate availability tomorrow, they've really botched it.

Announcing a press event for a Thursday and not clarifying it'd be a closed doors event was pretty bad, I'm guessing the public wasn't actually supposed to know it was being held and somebody screwed up.

We in the UK will be able to buy it in late Feb 2015 then from previous no shows...whatever it is.

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I still havent forgiven them for the 6 droid X2's I went through ......that was my intro to Android after the Palm debacle. Loved the old Nextel flip phones though....mullet proof

Damn motorolas PR people really are idiots. First the YO debacle and now this. What the hell is the point of releasing info at such a weird hour? Jesus use some common sense Moto.

It's that bad they have to release it when the public is asleep??? All that crap about new hardware and they play freaken games. Lame as hell, this late night crap is just total bull shit IMO.

What's the big deal? You'll see it when you get up...
And they can't cater to everyone...its being announced all over the world. Not just for you.

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To look at the Moto 360 images now, it kinda sucks compared to a few months ago. Next to the completely crappy designs that were available then, it looked fantastic. Both the ZenWatch and the G Watch R are more attractive designs than the 360 (OK, subjective, I get it). If Moto had been able to put it on sale back then, it would have sold a bundle. Now? Just another also-ran waiting for Android Wear 2.0.

Oh, right, the iWatch. Next time you see someone with an iPhone, take a look to see if they're wearing a watch . . . (I won't spoil it for you and give you the answer)

The g watch r is everything a smart watch shouldn't be. It is attempting to take an analog watch design and turn it into a smart watch. That is the wrong tact.

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Meh, the design is still fresh and unique, if you like bulky watches tho you were never gonna love the 360, it's clearly going for a minimalist aesthetic... It's also smaller than the watches you alluded to tho, contrary to what some think, and many seem concerned with size. Now if it's not actually available well before those, then yeah, they probably lost sales.

I'd be willing to bet more iPhone users actually wear watches than Android users btw. Not saying it means anything tho.

I just tried the new pretzel crust pizza at Little Caesar's. It was okay but they put a lot of salt on the crust.

They've botched this announcement so far. Sending press invites, apparently without specifying it was to be closed doors with the public announcements to be made the following day, is one thing. When the press, predictably, reported the invitations then Motorola should have immediately issued a clarification/correction. It wasn't clear until sometime on the afternoon of the expected announcements that there would be no announcements today and that is an utter failure on the part of Motorola PR.

I hope their engineering dept has done a better job than their PR.

Clearly they are coming out with smart socks. Get a text and this little piggy goes weee, weee, weee all from the phone!

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Bring it Moto!

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Not staying awake til 2am just for any product announcement...
When I get done with an awesome night of sleep, the 2am news will still be there.

Not long now.
We pretty much know what is going to be announced.
I just want to know price, availability, Australian availability. I suspect the last one will come down to local retailers. I will live on the fantasy that stores have boxes out the back awaiting to be opened.

Why do I have a feeling there's a GOOD reason for them to do this at 2am? Like some kind of surprise or something. Especially considering this is an announcement with a focus on watches/time/choice.

I hope it is, and that secret meeting today was really to let all the bloggers in on the fun :P

At the very least this could be a marketing play. The phone hype is typical but I've never heard so talk (good and bad) about a watch in my life!