Motorola Milestone

There's no doubt the Motorola Droid is popular in the U.S. So how's the Milestone doing in the UK, where it's exclusive to Expansys? It took less than three hours to find out.

Within 3 hours of the product being listed as 'in stock' on the eXpansys site it sold out. This makes the Motorola Milestone the fastest selling gadget in the website's 11 year history, even more successful than the iPhone"

That's pretty impressive. Expansys said there were more than 1,000 pre-orders in the week leading up to the launch, and another shipment is on its way in time for Christmas.



Reader comments

Motorola Milestone sells out in less than 3 hours


The fact that it sold out in 2.5 hours (according to the site) is meaningless without knowing how many units sold. How many units were sold? How many potential customers are there?