Rejoice Canada. The Motorola Milestone is finally officially available on Telus! It's going to be interesting to see if the Milestone can take off in Canada without having the marketing push that Verizon had with the Droid. We're definitely hopeful because even with new Android devices around, the Milestone is an amazing device. It'll be available for $199 with new 3-year contract or $599 without contract.

Oh and we almost forgot, you can unlock the Telus Motorola Milestone for use with AT&T 3G.



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Motorola Milestone Now Available on Telus


do _NOT_ buy this if you want to use custom roms. motorola screwed us all with hardware based signature checks of both the bootloader and the recovery image.
and it would be kinda nice if AC or some other huge site decided to cover this major fault with a nice article. motorola won't listen to any complaints, they're literally saying "go buy a nexus if you want custom roms".

its only available for online ordering. the stores will not carry them until later this week.

as for schokakola's comment, the carries in canada like to lock us in for a long time for phones that have been for sale outside the country for months.

Well I would like to say android in Canada is a joke. The carriers are not willing to commit to the platform. They do a half ass job in advertising and no variety. I applaud the states and Europe for doing there best to offer a variety of high to low end android phones. I also think that you would never hear of a carrier wanting to have Canada as a launch market.

What makes you say that? We are getting one of the higher end Android sets on Telus, and we're getting it before Spain...

Also, Telus has a pretty good connection with HTC, so we will likely see more high end Android sets coming our way.

Android is a new platform, and it takes a while for carriers to commit to something. Relax.