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The Google-owned Motorola Mobility will undergo a major restructuring in the months ahead, according to reports from ​The New York Times​. The paper reports that the Motorola mobile device business, acquired by Google in May, will lay off some 20 percent of its workforce -- including 40 percent of its vice presidents -- and close up shop at one third of its offices. The loss-making manufacturer will also refocus its efforts n creating fewer handsets in general, and fewer low-end devices specifically. As such, Moto told the paper it planned to buy half as many components as a result.

The NYT​ reports that around one third of the 4,000 of the job losses will be in the U.S., while the company will leave unspecified "unprofitable" markets. Similarly, Moto will cut back its presence in India and Asia, and base its research and development efforts in Chicago, IL, Sunnyvale, CA and Beijing, China.

Compared to 2011, the past eight months have been relatively quiet at Motorola, as the company transitions to being a fully-owned Google subsidiary. We certainly welcome the idea of more hero devices and less low-end stuff. However, the mobile device business remains fiercely competitive, and the strategy won't guarantee to lift Moto out of its current slump. Taiwanese phone maker HTC has embarked upon a similar plan this year, with limited success thus far.

Source: The New York Times


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Motorola to lay off employees, close offices and focus on fewer handsets


Destroy and Rebuild...

The Droid brand is getting lame imo and outside of Verizon devices how good does Moto sell on Sprint, ATT and Tmobile?

The industrial designed phones are getting lame, they need to step up on the displays and I think Moto needs to focus more on software like Samsung is doing. I think "smart actions" is overated and Moto needs to do better on the "pretty" factor.

I think HTC and Moto aren't doing well for a reason, usually the same designs and the software still is a issues...

The gs3 has no lag, almost all new HTC one series phones still have a little lag here and there.

Yea Motorola designers need to go, i been saying this for while now is like the have run out of ideas and they just keep on making the same phone over and over with different nameS.

Moto foes need to grow outside of Verizon, but their design language beats the tar out of Sanding, who can't seem ti design anything but bricks and bricks with rounded corners.
They've already been adressimg screens in a major way with their new LCD panels, and since at least the Bionic they've had the best UI in my opinion.

Completely agree.
Moto's industrial design beats everything. The reason I bought a Moto Droid 1 over SGS was the design. If people do not like it then they should atleast keep one series completely with industrial design. Moto's M series or something.

I think HTC needs to push actual updates and quick tell the carriers to fuck off but for motor not really a fan too much but Google owns them now they need to go vanilla as possible and flaunt it with HD screens on all new phones no exceptions and JUST TELL THE CARRIERS TO FUCK OFF AND PUSH THE UPDATE!!!

I think HTC needs to push actual updates and quick tell the carriers to fuck off but for motor not really a fan too much but Google owns them now they need to go vanilla as possible and flaunt it with HD screens on all new phones no exceptions and JUST TELL THE CARRIERS TO FUCK OFF AND PUSH THE UPDATE!!!

Oh Moto. What a wasted opportunity. You basically invent the market for high capacity batteries with your successful Razr Maxx and then follow it up with the same old crap in the Atrix HD. Moto could have called the clean OS, great battery life, awesome build quality market as its own. Instead it once again tries to battle the mid range market where the competition is much more stiff.

Gotta agree on the battery thing, what were they thinking?? I was interested in the Atrix until I saw that they had gone back to the same old battery. Why Moto why???

What's the deal with that? I don't get it either, the Maxx is very successful at VZW and would be elsewhere. Why are they not building on that success? Is VZW that much in control of the relationship? Seriously, poor battery life is one of the chief Android complaints and they are the only manufacturer with a good solution. I can't imagine Moto is that stupid and won't tell VZW to take a hike and take their successful Maxx line to Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

1. Google should have let Motorola or LG do the Nexus having Samsung do the last 2 messed up the Eco System now its Samsung heavy instead of being even 2. The Motorola Razr should have been available on all carriers (Pinky & The Brain take over the world moment) It would have been the most popular phone out right now especially with that crazy battery life. These companies are not learning from the past!!! Apple could have taken over the world if they had just let every carrier sell the iPhone in the first place. 3 HTC got it right with when they said that they are going to make better quality phones WHO BUYS MIDDLE TIER PHONES ANYMORE??? The iPhone 4 is $49 at Sprint. Step your game up Moto!!! I have been waiting for a game changing phone from Motorola and Sony for the last 2 years

I've enjoyed many a brand as a consumer but returned to Moto, now my global, unlocked D3 (rooted & un-rooted)wonders which device will replace it. Sure tech is moving fast & I'm wondering what Google will do w/Moto. I think I'll wait for Google to do something w/Moto to step into this new & exciting World, again. So all of you keep buying & reporting. Thanks

Now we will only see 8 Razr Variants in the next coming year?? Razr HD, Razr MAxx HD, Razr HD +, Razr Maxx HD +, Razr Maxx HD + in Seafoam Green, Razr Maxx HD ++, etc.....

I think the funniest thing about your post is that not everyone says this whenever Moto is mentioned. I just absolutely LOVE your originality and your ability to come up with a new comment. Please continue to inspire us all.

Hopefully they focus on something a little more exciting than the RAZR HD, about as underwhelming of a phone as I've ever seen.

Google is doing their job right now, cleaning house at Moto. I think first they needed to get rid of existing inventory, as not to take a bigger loss. Then on the the next faze of the plan. Restructure the company, with top tier employees in the right places, and reinvigorate the brand. Nexi?

Starting over fresh, will take longer and cost more but, I think, will reap better results and rewards.

Now let's see how much existing inventory is on hand, this will be the transition period. From there, I'm guessing several months for: R&D, then proto-type, testing and realese to carriers, carrier testing, release to public (I'm not sure the exact process for a device, from concept to release). We might be looking at a year before "The New Moto" devices.

Hopefully the VP of the Camera Imaging Dept.was canned.Actually the entire department. It's inexcusable hoe poorly Motorola phones' cameras perform,even on their flagship devices,compared to their Samsung,Sony,and even now,HTC devices.