Motorola MOTOLUXE event

Motorola's getting ready to launch the MOTOLUXE in the UK, and the invite we just received makes it look like it's going to be quite the soiree. Come March 8 in London, we'll get to see the "new ultra-vogue, ultra-stylish smartphone." Not sure if we'd go quite that far -- as you'll recall from our look at the MOTOLUXE at CES last month it's a fair-to-middlin' 4-inch Android 2.3 device with an 8MP camera and some nice UI tweaks.

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swoogie says:

Tell me, how does that even make sense?

icebike says:

Maybe they will announce the Atrix 3, which is leaked all over the net except here on AC.

There are a lot of these leaks prior to any big industry show, and I don't necessarily fault AC for not covering every one of them.....

I think you'll find Alex Dobie posted about the atrix 3 so we did cover it...