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Saving a couple hundred bucks is always a good thing

Know someone who works for Motorola? If so, you might want to hit them up about a new promotion Motorola is having, where friends and family of employees can receive a couple hundred bucks for trying out the Moto X customization program.

Users in this promotion will receive $100 on checkout after using the configuration site, and another $100 if they complete a survey and give Moto some feedback about how the process went. This pretty much negates the $199 on-contract up front cost of the phone, leaving you to pay the multi-thousand dollars of the contract or to pay an ETF and opt-out.

Anyone out there with contacts at Motorola, and going to give this a look? Holler in the comments, and let us know how it all went when you're finished.

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Motorola giving friends and family of employees $200 off a Moto X if they test the configurator


This sounds like a completely pointless promotion. Thanks for nothing Motorola.

-someone who doesn't know any Moto employees or have AT&T

Its not a promotion. Its beta testing Motomaker.

Motorola is giving incentive for testing out software.

Its a promotion. Otherwise you would never have heard about it, nor would any money need to be offered.

When you employ people you can generally ask them to test software without having to pay them extra and let everybody know about the test.

Too bad I have Sprint.

In related questions, does anyone have any pics of all the proposed wood backs? I'd love a wood one, but only if it was mostly dark. I don't care for the station wagon panel color.

If you have Sprint or T-Mobile you need to wait for Moto Maker access. Or just get something else. We have to show Google and Motorola that if they treat us like 2nd class people we will treat they're company like a last class OEM.

Posted via my themed "WHITE DRAGON" LiquidSmooth Sprint GSIII.

You need to show Verizon, Sprint and Tmo that you don't appreciate them not offering this to you. Verizon doesn't want this fully customizable phone sitting next to there DROID lines.. Of which THEY have an exclusive.

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I would be willing to test it out, but I wouldn't want to test something that I could potentially not like or want, but have to pay for. Maybe there should be a testing period, and if I don't like it I'll tell you why and send it back. I just wouldn't want to be stuck with it. Just my opinion.

So in other words you can buy the phone for $325 and use it on prepaid:

$199.99 On contract purchase price
-$100.00 Coupon at checkout
-$100.00 Rebate after survey completion
+$325.00 ETF on AT&T

That would be totally acceptable to me provided I knew any Moto employees.

is this only for at & t customers only? My uncle also works for motorola but we both have verizon. None the less I'll be giving him a call.

my brother in law just got hired there starts next week i will be using this discount as i planned on buying off contract anyway.

I heard that this whole thing is only for the AT&T model from a family member that works at Motorola, but if it changes, I'll be notified.