Motorola Flipout

Been waiting for the Motorola Flipout on AT&T? It's available today (just like Android Guys said it would be) for $79.99 on two-year contract, or $349 outright. Either way, no messy rebates to deal with, which is nice. Go back and check out our Flipout hands-on from CTIA if you're still on the fence, the pull the trigger and get your flip on. [AT&T]


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Motorola Flipout available today on AT&T


Great, Motorola is now trying to get hipsters to use Androids rather than BlackBerry... boy will they be disappointed... NO BBM!

Hahahaha this phone deserves to be on at&t , nah it deserves to be on sprint or verizon :) and motorola fails in general even with tha droid x attempt to be like the evo lol

OH boy I can see the lines form her.. oh no that is for the iPhone 4 and some people for the Blackberry and a few die hard XBOX/Window Fanboys waiting for WP7 but they will disappointed too. I fell sorry for the kind that wanted a Blackberry and whose mom got them this thing and thought it cooler because she thought it was a "DROID"

You guys crack me up.
OH NO, MOTOFAIL!!! Yeah..... anyways....

This is NOT for hardcore users. It's not billed that way. It's for people who do messaging and want a little extra, but not a full on Captivate or even the Aria. It's a simple phone that does simple things. End of story. Plus, it's cheaper, so we can get people on that and get them into an "ENTRY LEVEL" smart phone. Hook 'em, and get 'em something better later!

I for one, can't wait to get my hands on one to just see what it's like. Having played with the dummy phone, I like the feel and look of it. Hopefully we can get one in today and actually play with it a little bit.

Oh yeah...I'm an AT&T rep, so there is a "little" bias there.

Hey AT&T rep, can you tell me when the heck a high-end HTC android device will hit your company? I didn't get a Captivate due to the random shutdowns and GPS problems, so I'm thinking of buying an unlocked Aria to use off contract for awhile, while I wait for AT&T to get something of equal or better than the Captivate and save my current upgrade for that...whenever THAT is. :( So, no word?

P.S: No, I don't actually expect this person to come up with a real answer, I'm just whining publicly.

I keep up the same way you do: This website. :)

I've had my Captivate since the release, and I've never had any real problems with it. I've had it randomly shut-down on me once, but then again, I've had that happen with a few phones. The GPS is the only problem that I've got now, and hopefully that'll get fixed as soon as Froyo is released.

Go for the Captivate, you won't be disappointed, and if you've got 30 days. :)

I see...well, let's say I did this:
I have an upgrade available to me. I use it for the Captivate. Decide to take it back within 30 days. I still have my upgrade, right? Also, if I then decide to sit on the upgrade longer and keep it, I can still do that, right?

I liked the Captivate when I played with it in the store (looove the screen), but the main things I use my phones for are messaging (texting/e-mail) and I was worried and thinking about just buying the Aria off contract and keeping my upgrade for awhile. I like HTC's hardware more than Samsung's on the Captivate, too, so I am sitting here waiting for a high-end HTC one to hit AT&T like they have hit every other carrier lol.

Gah, decisions decisions..

I had the HTC before I got the Captivate, and truthfully, I still kinda wish I had the HTC. I LOVE my Captivate. The screen is wonderful, it has alot of awesome inside it, but something about the Aria....I don't know what it is, really.

It's not a low end phone in the least, and if you're not a power user, and are just going to use for what you say, then go for the Aria. Basically, the only reason I got the Captivate is because of the bigger screen and more hard drive space(lots of music!).

But yeah, if you return the phone within your 30 days, they will reverse the upgrade and it will be back to the way it was before. I think you can only reverse your upgrade twice in a certain amount of time though, so be careful on that.

I work with the pub-lick for a living. Believe me, patience is something I've learned to be hella good at. :)

Motorola really knows how to make crappy keyboards, examples this and both Motorola Droid 1 + 2.

Moto keyboard FAIL.