If this week's announcement of the Motorola FIRE set your curiosity ablaze, feast your eyes on this new promo video in which the UK-bound device struts its stuff. You'll have to wait until the end of September to grab one, but if you're really burning up, this should hold you over at least for a while. To spare you all from more lame fire puns (I've got a ton), I'll let the video do the talking. Enjoy.


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Motorola FIRE looks hot in new promotional video


I don't like Motorola phones they have good specs and stuff but I just don't want anything they make I have no reason just not for me. The last Motorola phone i owned was my first cell phone back in 1993

Is this a new phone?
I looked up the specs and I don't get it.

600 Mhz processor?
3 MP camera?
640x480 resolution?
256MB Ram?
No on-board memory? Just SD card?

If this is correct, this phone is a joke. I must be missing something.
Honestly, droids should have more than that. The keyboard wants to be a BB but just isn't. The new Bold 9930 has 2x the processor speed, 2xRAM, NFC, world phone, 5MP camera with 702p HD, on and on. This has to be last years post or something.

Honestly, Blackberry fell behind because they fell asleep on their laurels. If droid does not learn from this mistake, they may suffer the same faith.
Blackberry is showing they got the memo on this and finally released an incredible phone though they are focusing on the iPhone. The new Bold has 20% more power than the iP4, is a world phone, has NFC, and does not drop your calls.
I believe droid has much better specs but this Motorola is not even competitive with the old Palm phone.
I rank them like so:
1. top of the line droid HTC not Motorola
2. Blackberry Bold 9930
3. iPhone 4
4. palm Pre Plus
5. Motorola droid
If you don't agree go see the devices for yourself. I did a bit of research before I posted something. Still, maybe Google bought Motorola mobility, not for the patents, but to keep them from making crap like this.

This crap will never even approach the sales of the new Bold 9900/9930. You feel free to get one for yourself though. Motorola will need the sales.