Motorola Electrify

The smartphone fairy must've been feeling generous today, because she's tossed me a new phone to check out. No, it's not the Motorola Photon 4G. That's on Sprint. No, this phone is the Motorola Electrify, a US Cellular-branded device that's lock, stock, and barrel the Photon, but with a silver bezel.

All the good things Phil had to say about the Photon still ring true. It's fast, it feels solid and hefty in hand, and the kickstand rocks. It's fairly light and the camera takes some good shots.

The PenTile Matrix screen leaves a bit to be desired, but at least colors aren't as washed out as I'd been led to believe based on macro shots of the display I've seen. Still, it's a good size at 4.3", and with qHD, it's all the better.

The processor is the same Tegra-2 we've come to know and love, and it delivers. I can't wait to hunker down with some of the more demanding games to see how it fares, but if tablet performance is any indication, I'm sure I won't be let down.

We'll have more Photon-y Electrify goodness coming in the coming days, along with a full review, too. To hold you over, there's more pictures (and a hands-on video!) after the break.

Motorola ElectrifyMotorola ElectrifyMotorola ElectrifyMotorola ElectrifyMotorola ElectrifyMotorola Electrify Motorola ElectrifyMotorola ElectrifyMotorola Electrify

Motorola Electrify



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Motorola Electrify hands-on


So...will we get to read Part 2 of the Photon Review eventually? Or is Part 2 gonna be merged with the Electrify (which would make sense)...

I might be totally off on this, but if I had to guess, Part 2 will be in the Electrify review. Because I'm not under any kind of embargo and can really take my time and write a standard, full review of the phone, I'm going to cover everything I can think of.

Thanks Joshua! I'm loving my Photon, but I'm also brand new to Android (I'm on Day 6) and leaned on AC's reviews heavily in making my phone selection.

This will probably be my next phone. Seeing the video made me not feel so bad about leaving Sense, which I personally like. Looking forward to the full review.