Droid X2 wallpapers

A new phone means two things -- we get 'em in our mitts and show you everything there is to know about them, and the system gets dumped into the forums.  The Motorola Droid X2 is no exception.  New Blur for 2.2?  It's in there.  New wallpapers?  Yep, we got those, too.  New ringtones?  You betcha.  Of course the core system files probably aren't of any use to most of us, but you know those ROM devs -- they do all sorts of magic with them.  Hopefully there's something there they can find useful for those keeping their OG Droid X for a while longer.  Hit the forums and grab what ya need!

Source: Android Central forums

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mullrat#WN says:

Awesome. I got something to do after I. Exchange my charge for the x2.

Thanks again.

moosc says:

I've had the wallpapers and system sounds nearly 3 weeks thanks to team black hat.

dacp283 says:

Just curious why would you trade your charge for the X2?