We've been hearing plenty of rumors surrounding the Motorola Droid X2 for a while now but finally we got some pics and specs to ponder over. While the device as far as looks go looks the same as the original you'll notice some differences when it comes to the quality of the internals used. So what can you expect, spec wise? Check it out:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • QHD LCD Display - 540 x 960 Resolution
  • 3G Only - No LTE/4G
  • 8MP Rear Facing Camera (No Front Cam)
  • Android 2.2 - Android 2.3 likely before launch
  • New Moto Blur
  • FM Radio
  • No Hardware Camera button

With an expected launch date of Q2, this is sure to make some people happy. Although, take note the details do in fact mention the bootloader is locked down. We're guessing it will go to market that way as well unless Motorola suddenly has a change of heart. Hit the break for some more pics. [via TheMobiZone]



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Motorola Droid X2 pics and specs leak out

I'm having a hard time seeing the point of this product if these specs hold true. It's essentially a bionic without the LTE/FFC. So unless LTE prices are drastically expensive, or they give this one out for dirt cheap on contract (which I don't see because it has all the high end tech that counts) It's going to be hard differentiating between this and the Bionic.

How would it be hard? This is for the people who dont live in the LTE areas. Plus why would Moto want to put out the same phone with a different body by giving the X2 LTE? It would cannibalize sales of the Bionic.

Which is why I said unless the LTE prices are a lot more. How much will they sell this phone for? Say the $250 becomes standard for LTE phones. even at $150 this will be a tough sell compared to the bionic unless LTE monthly pricing is crazy expensive. But the thing is, Verizon won't drop the price on contract of this too much because it has the SAME basic internals as the bionic besides LTE and the FFC. This means the retail will still be high.

This is not the same as the Bionic. The Bionic doesn't have Tegra 2 and it only has 512MB of ram. This is going to be much more powerful than the Bionic, which begs the question if they are going to release a 3G phone and a 4G phone then why isn't the weaker Bionic the 3G and this the 4G phone.

Not only does the Bionic have Tegra 2 (where the hell have you been if have not heard that?),but the X2 has DDR1 RAM and the Bionic has DDR2. I would rather have 512 DDR2 than 1gb DDR1. The Bionic is by far the better phone between the X2 and the Bionic not to mention the Droid X is ugly and the Bionic looks great. It's just to bad the TBolt doesn't have the newer Snapdragon dual core it would be the better phone by far (I almost still think it is and would rather have it then the X2) I will never buy another Moto product after the X and 2 with another locked bootloader too damn frusterating and America needs to not purchse phones from them for a generation so they get rid of the horrible Blur and unlock there phones

looks the same, dual core is cool but i know some people aren't going to be a fan of no lte and no front facing camera...lets see what else comes of it...

Really? I've read lots of your posts in the past and I thought you were smarter than that. No lte IS the point of this phone. Its for people who can't get 4g service. I also believe (but hope Verizon proves this wrong) that it is a sign that Lte will cost a significant amount more than current 3g service. if that is the case then this will be my next phone. 3G is fast enough for what I do with my phone. I'll happily use lte if the cost is similar, but not if it costs a lot more. This phone will mean I wont be tempted to leave Verizon or (gasp!) get an iphone. In response to another poster, no front facing camera BECAUSE OF no lte.

We won't know until Verizon announces the pricing but you better believe that 4G will be much more on Verizon than their 3G service. I don't think that Verizon knows what "affordable" means. Heck, I was *really* surprised they didn't match AT&T with dropping their "unlimited" service.

@chaloney - As smart as you are trying to be with your facts and assumptions, it is not about *just* you with what you are willing to settle with.

Some of us Droid X owners would love to see a front facing camera and LTE. I like the style of the phone and other features. It would be great to have my Droid X do LTE, Front facing camera, dual core, and v2.3 or more.

Are you daft? It has two cores and each is already faster, twice the RAM, and a faster GPU. That alone is a HUGE upgrade. Now, why they would leave out 4G is truly baffling.

This was my second option for my next phone (first phone is Bionic), since I was hoping it would have FFC just in case 4G data plan was too much.

I agree, what i the point of this phone without LTE. I have the DX and it is working great. Without LTE I will wait for something like the Atrix, the laptop doc is great for me having to read loan signing docs at the client.

As a DX owner, I am disappointed with this upgrade, I mean really all you had to do was throw in these specs, front facing camera plus LTE and boom you have the bionic...I mean a great X2...Wait a second...

I'd beg to differ. Motorola has been pretty good about keeping the updates rolling out and I have no doubt the DX will get gingerbread.

No, there IS a point! The point is to urge current Droid X owners like myself to go out and buy yet another peice of hardware from Motorola if we want more short-term support. They are not going to upgrade the X to 2.3 despite the fact that it's their flagship phone. This is the same crap Motorola always does. They put out a phone, support it for roughly 6mo's to 1yr and then drop it for another phone with nearly identical specs but loaded with a newer OS. Once they're done with the current gen phone, it's bye-bye Moto and you can't get an OS upgrade. The people who get screwed are the one's stuck in contracts because support for the device is dropped before the contract is 1/2 way fulfilled! They did it twice to me in the last 2 years. First it was the same thing they did to the Droid, now they're doing with the Droid X. Look at their track record. See how long the average Moto support lasts and then tell me if I'm lying. Not Hello Moto; more like bye-bye Moto for me!

There are gingerbread builds for the Dx out already. And the OG droid got froyo pretty soon after the D2 launched. There is ALWAYS a new phone after a year. Motorola on Verizon's done a better job than most at least trying to keep the software up to date with their current offerings.

Get the Bionic. Don't be fooled, it's 512MB of DDR2 RAM. 512 MB will be plenty while the DDR2 means you'll get great performance out of it. Is 1GB good? Yes... Will you actually use that much? Probably not, not even for some serious gaming.

Ummmm andro1d where do you get your facts? The OG droid has been supported from day one hence the froyo update.... Im sure the X will see 2.3.

I love my X but hate the physical buttons. The only scratch on my X is on the return button that happened when it slid between the seats of my car and hit one of the seat rails. The case protected the body and the screen guard did its job but now I have light that shows through the paint on that one button where it scratched all the way through. I was so hoping the physical keys would be gone as well as having 4G since just about every were I go will have it. I guess it will be Bionic for me and my oldest son will be getting my X.

Let me tell you, as much as I love my Evo- I *hate* non-physical buttons. They really suck. FAR too easy to accidentally press them when using the phone and ending up thrown back to Home or something. I would much rather have physical buttons.

In the specs it states Android 2.2 - Android 2.3 likely before launch. The pics are showing this thing is rocking 2.3 already with the darker task bar.

I wish it had a forward facing camera (or even an upgrade to the backward facing camera) but honestly I'd still be very interested in this phone as an upgrade to my DX, especially with the higher resolution screen.

Many Millions of us, do not live in the LTE zone. And do not expect to, any time soon. So for us, this X2 and a one year contract, will be perfect. Plus, we may also see a plan premium $, for 4G? Which would make no sense for us either.

i dont know about vzw...but i have a friend that has the evo 4g...and we do not live in a 4G area, and sprint makes her pay the premium for the 4G

Hardly an upgrade to worth calling 'Droid X 2', more like 'Droid X Pro'. I mean, not even an external change outside of the camera button being non-existent? This nearly reeks of Moto's old RAZR incarnation habbits.

4g is becoming mainstream. Unless you have to pay for LTE automatically if you get an LTE phone, I don't see why the droid x2 didn't hop on the 4g 'bands'wagon (see what I did there?). Yeah, but that's the reason why I'm on Sprint :)

I am I already own this phone. I am not impressed. this is not upgrade worthy. not eben a front facing camera. no more motorola for me. the dx is a good phone but they are not sticking to their word. locked bootloader. hello htc.

These specs are not life-changing. Wait, you'll see. WE will start loosing our OS updates on the original X. This was a poor move for Motorola. As much as 2010 was the year of the Moto comeback, I guess 2011 is the year of Sony Experia.

yes! I get to keep my Car dock and desktop charger!! I would rather sit on the droid x2 for another year and see where the 4 gphones are heading...

I call BS I find it hard to believe the dx2 would look the same physically seriously I mean they would at least get rid of the hump in the back that was alwaus the dx biggest "flaw" in all the reviews and for every1 out there talking bout the camera button guys I own a dx the bottom is on the right when the screen is facing u I think the guys covering it with his palm I mean look at the original Droid and Droid 2 there SIMILAR but they do have changed I think its just a rooted Droid x running sum kinda rom

I agree with above, when has verizon or any other phone released the successor that looks identical to the previous. even the iphones look different