Anyone happen to watch How I Met Your Mother the other night? Of course you did, it's a great show. If you somehow missed it though, then you also missed the showing of the Motorola Droid X.  Seems like these days you really can't turn on the TV without catching a glimpse of one Android device or another in a show. It's a beautiful thing to see. Have you spotted any Android devices on any shows you are watching? If so, drop us a line and let us know which show. Thanks to Bob from Cleveland!

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robnas says:

Actually, I spotted a Droid Incredible on the Office the other day. Its the Sex Ed episode. The woman is holding it in her hand. here is a link:

fludkilla says:

Ok AC this must be a sign because I'm stuck between the DX and the Fascinate so bad but, I'm leaning towards the DX so much.

Clow says:

For gods sake get the dx. I had the fascinate its good but had alot of problems dx is the better phone. Save yourself the 35$ return fee

ClinchDroid says:

What a great pic. That's is because I took it on my DInc. Bob from Cleveland, that's me. Sweet.

icebike says:

The news here isn't that the phone was spotted, it's that someone actually watches that show.

ClinchDroid says:

Hey now, it a good show. Barney is the man.

aaronpaul says:

No Kidding, icebike!

sookster54 says:

Looks photoshopped, his hand looks so fucked up, looks small and even looks like a woman's hand!

joebob2000 says:

I was thinking the same thing, there is no way it's real. I didnt see that episode, it must have been part of a gag or something.

petaf says:

totally agree, Icebike!

Go Android! says:

I don't see the point of this. I think it's insecurity about Android. If Android is almost as popular as the Iphone, then of course you're gonna see a lot of Androids.

CR6 says:

That show is funny as Sh!t! Barney is hilarious.

rightontime says:

The first three seasons of this show were phenomenal. These past two seasons havent been all that great.

brivette007 says:

good ol' WOIO channel 19. nice to see someone else from the cleveland area posting stuff.

Draxus says:

The main character on The Glades uses an original Droid. I don't have a screencap for you though, sorry. Unfortunately he uses it unrealistically... the screen stays lit while he talks into it, he never pushes the sleep/wake button on the top or slides to unlock the phone, etc.