Thin, Kevlar-clad device mentioned on apparent placeholder site

If you listened to Android Central podcast 139 a couple of weeks back, you might've caught our own Phil Nickinson talking about the Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra Mini and Droid Ultra Maxx, a new line of Moto-built, Verizon-bound phones. The Ultra, according to our source, was to pack a 5-inch screen and be even thinner than the original Droid RAZR. Check out the clip below.

Today we've got some of the first signs that of the "Ultra" line's existence, in the form of what seems to be a placeholder page on Under the subheading "Think Thin," the Droid Ultra is described thusly —

Available in a bunch of glossy colors, this high-grade DuPont™ Kevlar body proves you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel.

The rest of the page's contents — including specs — appears to have been pulled from the Droid RAZR M's product page. In addition, there's no image of the purported device. Nevertheless, we're about due new hardware from Motorola, and if the Moto X is to be its mid-range hero device for the fall, it makes sense that Verizon's Droid series would also see a refresh around the same time.

We'll keep you posted with any further Droid Ultra developments. In the meantime, you can share your thoughts down in the comments.

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Motorola 'Droid Ultra' spotted on Motorola site


Locked up tighter than an otter's anus. Verizon thinks unlocking your phone and installing Roms and sideloading apps will somehow bring their network down. When in reality it is too pedal their bloatware apps that they get paid to install on phones permanently unless you root. Not to mention unfair business practices like removing G Wallet for their ISIS program, still surprised Google let them get away with that.

I'm guessing The Ultra is going to push back the Motorola mid range X phone and their Hero device in Oct back six months for release. Since Droid brands are favored, and Verizon doesn't like to release 2 new phones by the same manufacturer at a time, and they Do Not Want competition against their Droid Branded phones

I wonder if this is still a piece from that 18 month "doesn't wow" pipeline from the acquisition, or something completely new and Google inspired? Considering VZW's long testing practices I'm guessing the former rather than latter.

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Now you know how everyone on Verizon feels when the next Nexus comes out, or an equally awesome phone that only goes to GSM!

I'm planning on merging with my Dad's AT&T family plan and get rid of my Verizon contract for this very reason. Another big reason is the hopeless 3G speed since I travel a lot and it causes the apps to get to a crawling speed more than once.

Yeaaaaah, no. As an ex longtime VZW customer I would say there's no comparison. At lesst not yet or for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

You can't really compare the two. Verizon is the reason why their customers are very unlikely to get another Nexus device.

However, AT&T, T-Mobile, and all other GSM providers have done nothing to shun Motorola. Motorola has always just maintained a great relationship with Verizon.

With that said, Motorola should release a GSM-Unlocked handset, alongside any CDMA counterpart.

What's wrong with 8mp? How big do you plan on blowing up your picture? You can get an amazing 8x10 with a 3mp camera. If you want something poster sized, 8mp is perfect.

I agree, there's nothing wrong with 8mp in a phone camera.
But I think that is probably just placeholder text on that page, and may or may not reflect what actually comes out in the new device.

I agree. Ironically enough though, many people who follow tech sites aren't very tech savvy. You would think on a tech site you wouldn't hear the usual gurgled "errrrg remuvible batteree, sd kard, megapixulz" mantras but alas, you do. Either that or it's all the subsidized housing kids who can't afford a DSLR. I hear Nokia makes good cheap camera phones for those people, as well as distant lost tribes cut off from civilization.

Seems that Motorola is planning some cool phones. Hopefully they will become available in mainland Europe unlike their current phones.

Carrier locked phones are ridiculous. Why is it that Samsung gets it, but not Motorola? Regardless, the Note 3 is my next phone, but this one sounds promising? I guess this isn't the X Phone?

PLEASE have a MAXX or better battery. I love my Razr MAXX, but I'm worried because I have not seen any news about updated versions.

YES. At this point, a bigger battery is literally all that I care about. Every major device that's been released in the last year has had all of the features that I ever use, has been more than sufficiently thin/light and has had a big enough screen. At this point, I am more than willing to accept a phone that's a little heavier and thicker than the bare minimum if it will mean that I won't be down to 30% battery by the end of the work day.

The Ultra will not have a MAXX like battery but the Ultra MAXX.....

You get where I'm going with this?

All I want from Motorola is a droid 5 (the one with the keyboard but still has decent specs) mainly for a reasonably sized screen.

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I know a lot of people (my wife included) that want a physical keyboard. I can't believe how the phone makers have ignored that market.

They've ignored that market because it's not longer big enough to justify making a new phone with a physical keyboard. They aren't idiots, if there was money to be made you can rest assured they would release it.

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I think they killed it. They've recently only released crappy sub-mid devices like the Stratosphere and then used the poor sales of poor devices to say nobody wants to buy a physical keyboard.

im just gonna say one thing....if moto/google doesnt come out with a true iphone killer at this point (like srsly wtf?) then androids going NO WHERE for the future.

What planet do you live on? The iPhone has already been killed. It still gets a decent chunk of market share, but there's no doubt that current Android phones are higher quality and as a whole are outselling the iPhone.

I'll pick up a Motorola phone again right after moto upgrades my deactivated photon with jelly bean. That's right, I'm still bitter! I'm allowed: I had a Sprint Palm Pre!

super disappointed with the motox. low end phone that wont even be available until the fall. makes me more happy with my gs4 purchase.

So, that's the excuse you're using, to validate your GS4 purchase, lol.

If you have to broadcast it, especially, on an article completely void of any mention of the GS4,then you're not truly happy with it. Period.

not sure how you came to that conclusion but your wrong. i meant im glad i didn't put off my upgrade to wait for the X.

Sounds intriguing to me. Currently I have the MAXX HD and I love this phone. Same functionality with huge battery life but in a thinner package with larger screen sounds perfect.

Sounds like this may be the last few phones in their previous development line since they stated 18 month pipeline about a year ago. Though I don't mind exclusive phones.

Even after the carrier wide Xphones are released, I hope they continue with Verizon exclusives since they were the original Droid partner.

Why isn't Motorola making any Nexus device since they are own by Google?

Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

Motorola is not and will not make a "NEXUS" because Google does not want to give the impression that they are playing favorites with thier own brand. If other OEMs' thank that Google might be playing favorites with Motorola then they may move away from android thus hurting Google's bottom line. There for you may get a phone that is close to Nexus specs, stock os and simalar pricing but you will never see a Motorola phone with Nexus branding.