A big red phone may be headed to Big Red.

The Motorola Droid Ultra is expected to be announced in just a few short days, and above you see what a red model would look like. We don't know if this will be an employee only model -- as Verizon is keen to do -- or a special edition, like say a pink RAZR M, or if this one will be available for general release.

It appears like the full back plate is done up in a red weave carbon fiber, and if nothing else it gives us one lore look at how the Ultra is built. We'll be front and center when Verizon says what they have to say on July 23, so it's likely we'll have all the answers then.

Source: The Unlockr

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Mayoo614 says:

Put some yellow on the side and you got yourself a nice Ironman phone!

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DWR_31 says:

They need to make one in Yellow and put it on Sprint.

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bbalak says:

Upgrade due on Aug 15th... decisions, decisions!

svfd757 says:

I'm in the same boat. I upgrade on the 17th of August. This decision is getting harder and harder

ChuckG73 says:

Same here both my wife and I are upgrade ready come August 15th. Probably buying the Moto X and going month to month.

rbess1965 says:

I like it. Wish I could switch to one of these news devices without loosing my unlimited plan.

Posted using the amazing Razr MaxxHD by Motorola.

Darth Spock says:

You should be able to by buying it outright or using their payment plan. Another thing to consider would be buying it on a 05 interest plan from Best Buy or something like that too.

gregmcph says:

Needs a Ferrari logo. If you are going to be tacky, go all the way.

PhilipC#AC says:

It's Kevlar - not carbon fiber. Carbon fiber blocks the antenna signal - Kevlar does not. Smart engineering.


I wish the Droid line wasn't exclusive to Verizon. I would love to have this, on T-Mobile.

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ConTejas says:

They can keep it...hardly makes up for all of the devices NOT available on VZW or released months after other carriers. I do like the look of this one though.

TheLegoman says:

Technically it can't be carbon fiber, as carbon fiber is only black. Probably Kevlar.

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here is the zoom in on the cam...
- 10 megapixels - 1080p video - f/2.4 -

t0ked says:

That phone looks pretty sweet.

These comments are hilarious to me cause no-one knows tha speks yet! Then eraone will flip tits like the Moto X threads

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tdizzel says:

What's a "speks?" what's an "eraone?" Why did you hyphenate "no-one"

I don't understand your post at all

Damn. I was hating on Moto after my Bionic but that's one sexy device.

yankeesusa says:

That is a sweet looking phone.

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lean6rtj2 says:

It looks cool...for somebody else; I wouldn't be caught dead with a red phone. I'm much more low key...basic black mainly.

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TLB69 says:

That's why I'm glad God made me black.Im so crazy....... Lol!!

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bbalak says:

A big factor for me will be on board memory. I need 32 GB. I can't store Spotify tunes on an SD card. Assuming it runs like my wife's Razor M, you can't store pics on the SD card by default either. The 32 GB S4 is available. Hopefully, Motorola will have a 32 GB model on Day 1.

NoNexus says:

For some reason I like this red more than the ONE. Not sure why, maybe the deeper tone or the "brick facing" look.

I would consider sporting this except the obvious "only verizon, locked bootloader (maybe)" thing.

A895 says:

My biggest problem is that I want to move to T-Mobile but the only phone I would get on there is the Xperia Z. I really want the new Droid Maxx.

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moosc says:

To bad boot loader is double encrypted. Going to be rough to unlock probably never and rooting ouch. Less we forget VZW/moto hate hackers

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sheba510 says:

I am really liking that red Droid Ultra. Might get this one on the Verizon Edge payment plan to keep my unlimited data. I am eligible for upgrade on 7/21.

tx_tuff says:

Of you are getting on the Edge plan kids your unlimited goodbye. The Edge plan is for share everything plans only.

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Gearu says:

We're going patterns are we?

lockwyn says:

Nice phone^^ my next phone will be a motorola, maybe the moto x or this one. Have had google Samsung phones earlier. Love the raw android phones! Looking for a phone to replace my great galaxy nexus.

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Was set on buying a one or an S4 off of swappa to pay less and keep unlimited data, but this is one nice device.
I need a device that has great signal and good battery life.
Basically everything the Nexus is not lol

LeSaint says:

-Phone, shut down

-I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

-Ok, I'll do it myself then

-Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

Dan29466 says:

That's very cool looking. Not cool enough to go back to Verizon, but definitely cool enough to send me off on a shopping trip for a new back for my S4.

the_stig#WN says:

I don't know why I am lusting after this phone.....

Love the Kevlar and the red is just fantastic. Would almost be a crying shame to slap a case on this. Maybe I will just wrap it in velvet.

"What is that? Velvet?" LOL