Droid RAZR

If you like poking around in some source code files to see what you can see, then Motorola has now given something to do. The Droid RAZR source code has been released on sourceforge and while it's not much use to anyone aside from developers that's not really the point. Point is, it's there -- it's available for all whom wish to view it.

Source: Sourceforge; thanks to everyone who sent this in


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Motorola Droid RAZR source code released


Assuming you have the necessary skills, yes that is excitedly what that means, but if you have to ask that question there is a good chance that you don't have them yet.

Its a real contradiction this phone. From the side it looks sleek, svelt and sexy. From the front it looks bulky, fat and unwieldy. It almost looks like one of those WinCE handhelds delivery companies make you sign when they delivery a parcel.