Motorola Droid RAZR

Motorola is being stingy with hands-on time but we were just lucky enough to find a representative willing to let us get our grubby paws on the new Droid RAZR. You know all the specs by heart now-- Super AMOLED display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and blazing fast Verizon 4G LTE-- but until you get your hands on this device, you only know half the story.

The RAZR is one of the thinnest, lightest smartphones on the market, and I can say with confidence that it will completely shake up VZW's 4G market. It's unlike any other device on Verizon today. Compared with my HTC Thunderbolt, the RAZR is paper thin. And in my hands, I barely felt any weight. It's impossibly light. 

The Kevlar back is a nice touch, and is certainly lightweight enough to justify itself. And did I mention that screen? Moto haters, you have met your match. It's gorgeous, and certainly leaps and bounds better than the previous PenTile technology they have been using. At first glance, I thought Motorola had Best Buy-esque demo units on hand, you know the ones with the sticker for the display? Thankfully they did not, but that's the first impression you'll get with the screen.

Looking for a removable battery? You're not going to find one here, though you do have a 1780mAh power supply, so it could be worse. If the RAZR's battery life lives up to what Motorola is hyping, this shouldn't be an issue. But until we can put it through its paces, it's a valid concern.

Kudos to Motorola and Verizon for working closely together to finally get 4G LTE onto a competitive device. And if the battery life lives up to the hype, we're all in for a treat. Enjoy some more photos below, with a video available after the dreaded YouTube upload.

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Motorola Droid RAZR hands-on


Physical DPI (dividing the resolution by the screen size) is different from the build.prop DPI (which android uses to determine how large to draw elements on the screen).

Sounds like a fast phone, especially for its size...which is the exact opposite of the original RAZR. I still remember how you would hit a button, and there would be a half second delay for the UI to register your input.

Super AMOLED is typically PenTile, Super AMOLED Plus is not. The type of PenTile layout used is diffent between Super AMOLED and the qHD LCDs, however.

If this is indeed just Super AMOLED that would indicate it is indeed PenTile of the RGBG variety (not RGBW).

Ports on the top of the phone? How's that going to work with a multimedia dock? Phone looks and sounds great, I think I'd trade in my physical keyboard for it, except I can't cuz I just bought the Droid 3 a couple months ago....

If they could get the software right I'd buy another Motorola device. I hate they Android skin overly that's not called MotoBlur..

I'd like to see 720p Screen resolution. I feel thats really the next step for these smartphones. Other than that this might be my new toy.

The NEXUS rumors it having a 720p screen res, but only the 5mpx camera. Thats the downside to that phone for me, I like having the 8mpx. I don't understand why they are downgrading the camera. Oh well though. It's just rumors right now..

For me it's between those two though. I wonder if the Galaxy SII HD will have a 720p screen. If so I AM SOLD..

why are you so hung up on Megapixels, it might be 5 mp but way better optics, that makes it better than 8pm, the size of the picture means nothing, compare to quality, more backlight, better lens, we will have to wait and see.

It looks like a much better screen, better battery(?), and thinner. I think those are the highlights. Also has a trigger feature but that is existing functionality that can be performed by several apps in the Market.

How about you read the specs and hands on of the bionic, then look at these pages and answer that question for yourself?

This is very, very different than the Bionic. And I feel sorry for anyone who buys anything these days hoping they'll have the latest and greatest for more than 15 minutes.

Does the fact that the battery is sealed and can't be replaced scare anybody else? LTE Android phones are not exactly known for good battery life and I don't care what Moto claims. The fact that an extended battery or at least battery swapping is not possible on this phone makes me nervous. I would defiantly wait until the real world tests are done before buying.

Yeah. The phone is nice, but non-removable battery is a game changer for me. I'm due for an upgrade. Think I will go with the Bionic. If Moto had a history of integrated batteries, I might consider it, but this looks to be a first for them, so the battery could really suck.

I mean... we all understand that Android needs to be hard shut down sometimes, right? Like when your phone freezes cuz some dev doesn't know how to write software... What do you do then? Just wait until the battery is dried up and then plug it back in?

You would do the same thing you would do to any non removable battery device like tablets, iphone, etc. Do you really think that they would make a device that you couldn't reboot ?

Not worried at all. Just won't purchase one without a removable battery. Besides, it say Motorola and I have an X right now and it has turned into the biggest POS cell phone I have ever owned.

I think if they can get good battery out of this I will consider it. I just have a hard time believing that after the bionic(which doesn't have the best battery) they got it right with a similar size battery and oc'd processor.

I'm sure it will since Moto has announced that it will come with 2.3.5 gingerbread. Holy hell do you people read??

Why is everyone sending messages to Phil? Andrew is doing this hands-on... that's not Phil's hand in the pic lol

Almost three mm wider than the original Evo (a little uncomfortable, in my opinion). 5.15 x 2.71 x 0.28 (130.7 x 68.9 x 7.1 mm). Unfortunately, the Nexus Galaxy will be even taller assuming the leak from NTT is accurate. (136 × 68 × 8.8 mm)

Can you guys please enable me to move around the picture gallery while I'm CURRENTLY viewing a picture? It makes viewing pictures much slower to have to open and close a picture for every image in the gallery.

No removable battery = FAIL. Though the screen does look nice. I don't like the huge hump near the top at all.

Moto hardware just does not do it for me.

Let's hope the random reboot issues (that I had on my DX1 that Verizon exchanged for a Dinc2 after 3 replacement phones, and my wife's Atrix has) does not rear its ugly head.

What if your phone freezes and a battery removal is the only option...? Possibly there is some combination of volume and power button that can issue a hard reboot... like yanking the battery!!?????

That happened to me TWICE last night with my Bionic. Power button could turn the screen on and off but phone was frozen. Had to pull the battery. And that battery is in there TIGHT.

I don't see how anyone could stand a phone that does that. I'd return it, not thank my lucky stars for the removable battery....

lol, if you play around with custom roms, hard locks like that happen on a daily basis.

I don't think think I've ever done something to my Epic that hasn't involved at least one battery pull somewhere along the way.

Just Rom'd my Samsung infuse, no battery pulls required, but the guy above me, his bionic froze just because it was Tuesday, not because of Rom-ing. Lol

What if your phone freezes and a battery removal is the only option...? Possibly there is some combination of volume and power button that can issue a hard reboot... like yanking the battery!!?????

This looks like a giant version of my old Samsung featurephone. Same camera bit at the top, same thin profile. Of course, this one is missing the T-9 keyboard :).