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PensHockey says:

Oh ya! Thats sexy!

If it wasn't for those tapered corners, this device would be perfect!

bldmovs says:

square is where it's at yo


Man, I loved my DX and this looks sweet! Reason I left Moto was to jump on LTE with the Tbolt. This may bring me back to Moto and their great quailty build. Nothing againts HTC, love theirs too but Samsung worries me with the plastic and light feel so I may pass on Nexus. But I do have 2 upgrades available. My wife may need to ditch her physical keyboard and get with the program!Lol

SWon says:

You know, lighter and plastic means more durable than heavy ones(a.k.a 4S) Just to let you know.

Rob White says:

I could live with the tapered corners for that sexy sexy screen! Coming from an X2 that is worth it alone.

dcgore says:

I like this one...i like this one. I am waiting for all the holiday season phones to be out so i can make an informative decision. I guess im going to have to wait until all demo units are out.

h0ruza#AC says:

Is it the thinnest smartphone to date?

Is it at least a clam shell flip phone?


Is it simply an old name attached to the most Moto could be bothered to do?

I'm only asking because this is the same lack lustre product design that the feature phone market pumped out which caused the sales and innovation to go stagnant.

If you clap like a seal you be given sardines or something cheaper every time.

I like sardine btw but I have them with tomatoes and on well buttered toast. ;-)

nb623107 says:

Meh. Looks like every other motor device, but with rounded corners.

On a side note: the first RAZR sucked balls. Given it has the same name, I have absolutely no hopes for this device.

dyinman says:

So what if they share the same name? The 1996 Taurus and the new Taurus have the same name, yet they are completely different vehicles.

Fugaz-Star says:

the last 2 pics look a little different

JNM says:

Verizon's logo actually detracts from the look of this device. It's like beating ugly with an ugly-stick.

JBryant19 says:

Why do Motorola phones keep looking like the Droid X?

Because they wanted to call it the Droid X3 but Google put their foot down after acquiring Motorola Mobility.

and of course it goes to Verizon >:-[

Nirvana328 says:

Can we have a REAL image gallery please? So I can go from image to image DIRECTLY? All the other good tech blogs have this already. Thanks.

Floss82 says:

Blah all Motorola Droid phones are the same nmso sad how they keep making broke people waste their money on similar devices smh even its thin and is waterproof its time for something completely NEW (Verizon and Moto)!!!

DC Damien says:

Loving the design. Waiting to hear more about performance. And hoping this is a lot more dependable on 4G than the Tbolt.

henry740#AC says:

damnn i just got off with these fkn hot!