Motorola Droid HD

What's all this then? Look, we're finally getting used to the idea that we might actually see the Motorola Droid Bionic released sometime in 2011, and now this little slice of sexy has showed up. Engadget was slipped a few pics of the as-yet unannounced device, with a couple of them showing it lounging next to the upcoming Verizon DB.

Let's start with what you can actually see in the pictures. There's no carrier branding on this thing, and note the different style of menu button. That could mean it's a prototype, or it could mean it's not intended for Verizon, never mind the Droid name. But we've seen EVO make the leap from Sprint in the U.S. to the GSM networks in Europe and in Canada, so there's that to consider.

The power button appears to have been moved to the right-hand bezel, a la every Samsung phone of the past year or so. It's sitting above the volume rocker. There's a front-facing camera, natch, and an "HD" camera with flash that will record video in 1080p. Been there, done that. HDMI and microUSB ports round things out. On that front.

More intriguing are the pictures of what appear to be a humungous removable battery. No doubt it's larger because it's also thinner, and the entire device is shown as being thinner than the Droid Bionic. And there's also the side-loaded (as in on the outside of the phone, on the left-hand bezel) SIM and microSD card slots. External SD card slots are few and far between, never mind SIM card slots.

Anyhoo. Place your bets as to where this puppy will end up. But if it's a sign of Motorola design to come, the next crop could be very interesting.

Source: Engadget

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It kinda looks like a sexier photon.

dustycraine says:

I don't see any home, back, menu, search buttons. It's possibly I missed it but couldn't this be one of the first Ice Cream Sandwich phones based on that? Is it possible (not probable) that this could be our first look at the Nexus Prime?

B4SDR4G says:

Well I thought Ice Cream had blue icons on top (Battery etc), and this phone doesn't have blue icons there.

fargles says:

I see the four buttons O.o

I guess ur eight. I don't see buttons but the emergency call option is too high up from the bottom not to have buttons

jd195 says:

If you look close, you can make out the Menu and Home buttons on the bottom left. They look like normal capacitive buttons, just not lit up.

B4SDR4G says:

This is the first Motorola I like. Now Google owns Motorola Mobility, I hope they make great phones.

tdizzel says:

Google doesn't own them yet. They have an agreement but it will take at least a few months to finalize it.

Viper says:

Probably because this isn't a Motorola phone. All pics with "Motorola" in them are of the Bionic. This doesn't have a manufacturer brand anywhere on it. And since all Motorola phones are god-awful ugly, I will venture to say this isn't one. This looks like an LG or Samsung phone.

Edit: Apparently this is a Moto phone. It is in relief in the top gray piece. Damn. I was hoping for a different manufacturer so that an unlocked bootloader was possible.

I thought N.P. as well... well I was hoping anyway... Iz was wrong

Corey says:

This is what the DX 2 should have been.

moosc says:

This going to T-Mobile

engineer2001 says:

Not a chance - "Droid" is exclusively licensed by Verizon. "Droid" anything is going to Verizon.

EggoEspada says:

Defiantly another next gen 4G devices. It seems we Verizon customers have a handful or super phones to choose from by the end of the year. And here I thought Verizon was slacking.

corymcnutt says:

Moto CEO did say another LTE phone by the end of the year; this could well be it!

cloud36426 says:

With the Droid branding maybe this is the other device to be out by the end of the year for VZW. Does look like a super phone. Glad my upgrade doesn't kick in until November.

Shawheim says:

that thing is pretty nice. the phone is so thin and svelte. i like it. kudos to whichever carries gets this.

Workodactyl says:

Can anyone else see that infamous Pentile diagonal layout under the battery icon? Let the arguments ensue!!!

That aside, it looks like I'm gonna have to buy my next phone at full retail :( Here's hoping I get a good return on my next phone by the time these babies come out!

NCSurfRider says:

This is a VZW LTE phone no doubt:

You can see the VZW branding beneath the SD card.

srkmagnus says:

beat me to it by 2-seconds! lol

engineer2001 says:

That pic is the Droid Bionic - look at the camera. The Droid HD is the one with the long, red "Battery Removal" tab visible with its back off.

However, Verizon exclusively licensed the "Droid" name. Anything "Droid" is going to Verizon, unless the leaked name is bad info.

NCSurfRider says:

Good call Engineer, I stand corrected.

I knew there was a reason I just read the site and didn't comment! LOL

KSDroid01 says:

That pic is the Bionic, check the camera.

KSDroid01 says:


srkmagnus says:

Engadget posted a picture with the battery cover off showing the battery and sd card. Underneath the sd card you can see what appears to be Verizon branding with LTE...

engineer2001 says:

Look at the camera that's visible in that shot - you are seeing the Droid Bionic's battery. DroidLife is reporting the battery on this new Droid HD is non-removable. If non-removable is the case, I will certainly pass. But if you look at the next pic in that Engadget gallery, you can see the HD with the back off and a big, long red tab that reads "Battery Removal" on it. Hmm...

Lack of Flash support and non-removable batteries are two of the main reasons why I didn't get an iPhone.

dmcman73 says:

Also, the Droid HD has the SIM card slot on the outside of the phone, on it's edge it is not under the battery cover.

gujupmp88 says:

Not exactly sure why people are questioning if this is going to be on Verizon or not. Verizon licenses the brand "Droid" from LucasArts. Unless another carrier is going to do the same, which I highly doubt, this is going to be on Verizon. There is no doubt about it.

And the picture with the battery that is linked above is not of the Droid HD, it is of the Droid Bionic. You can tell this because if you look at the camera, it is not the Droid HD's camera, but the Bionics.

loooney2ns says:

Is that a 4.5" screen? I hope this is the Nexus Prime and it's going to Verizon!

Agreed! I want some more leaks on that device already :)

mothy says:

The prime is already known to be made by Samsung from what Ive read.

ChrisFricke says:

Can I get one in bright green?

Seriously I'm tired of black.

Whoa look cool. Could be the Prime, renamed with Droid branding to accommodate the fact that it should be coming to Verizon. Or maybe a follow up to the Charge :3

Oops didn't see the Moto battery.
It could be that Motorola quad core thing that was tossed around a while back!... Idk it looks like a Samsung.

ctk4949 says:

Tooooooooo BIG!!!!

dmcman73 says:

This could also be the first phone that Motorola puts out with ICS, look at the top icons in the notification area:

Either those are the new icons for ICS or a completely updated version of MotoBlur.

VyprNoch says:

I don't think its motorola. Evry verizon mobile can be a droid and i dont see motorola written at the top. And as somebody mentioned, if this is nexus phone, i wont buy it. It looks odd.

IceDree says:

Look at the area above the earpiece

The USB\HMDI are in same arrangement as the DROID X , DROID X2 , DROID 3 , DROID BIONIC , Photon & Atrix

loooney2ns says:

Look more carefully. You can see Motorola at the top of the phone.

IceDree says:

Please God , GSM Variant !!!

Tas71 says:

Come on people. It's the next Motorola phone to succeed the Bionic.

It's the Motorola Dinara HD that is to come out late 2011 with the 13 megapixel camera.