Droid Bionic

We've seen the Droid Bionic leaked out in a handful of blurry pics, topless shots, and even the FCC gave us a little teaser. But today we see a couple that give a good look at the phone without the eyestrain.  If you look past Katy Perry, and the task killer this tester is running, you'll see the 4.3-inch qHD display at work, as well as some LTE action going on in the status bar.  GottaBeMobile also has a nice pic showing off the back of the phone, as well as a few standard blurry shots of the profile -- you'll wanna visit the source link to check those out.

Pictures are nice, and we all love seeing them, but what everyone really wants is a date -- even a blurry one.

Source: GottaBeMobile


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Motorola Droid Bionic caught looking a little less blurry in latest leaked pics


Exactly! A task manager? Has moto botched this so bad that one is necessary? Am trying to hold off my opinion on this thing until I see it in person but...Really a task manager. LOL

Also, notice the sh*t phone that it is posing with. Who is this hack?

Amstel Light Beer Coasters? complete hack in my opinion. Still can't get over that flip phone. Looks like a samsung/motorola that I had in 2000

You really cant comment on the task manager. Although we obviously share the opinion that its not only unnecessary but its also a hog to even run, BUT many people use them and apparently this genius of a tester is one of them. Don't worry he / she will prob write some lengthy review talking about how battery life isn't great and it seemed "laggy" the longer he / she ran it. Then the community will blow up about it all due to some moron not deserving to be a tester int he first place.
*stepping off soap box*

I still go to my local Verzon store every other week, play with all the phones, and uninstall the task killer on every Android phone. Of course the idiots there continue to put them on there over and again.

Apparently I am a moron, but why the hate for the task killer? I hit home a lot and every once in a while just use ATK to stop all background running apps. Please show me the err of my ways.

U fail to miss the point this a vzw tester why because vzw installs task on there phones tiss tiss

Finally...sheesh, i've been waiting for what seems like forever for a real top shelf device with a totally craptastic LCD panel. About time Motorola steps up. Although they really should have given it even better specs and then outfit it with the monochrome screen from the original V60...that would have been a real "powerhouse".

For those who do not want a big bulky phone don't get it. But for those of us with manly hands we need them so we don't get arthritis from contorting our hands into torturous positions.