Motorola Devour

Not to be outdone by it's larger cousins, the Motorola Devour has been rooted.  Using some bits and pieces from the Droid X root method, some files scoured from the web, and some good old fashioned determination, Android Central forums user bitswitch has a fairly simple method to get your Devour into the hacking game.

To be sure, this voids warranties, takes a bit of technical know-how, and probably makes puppies cry in some Verizon executive's backyard, but if you're rocking the Devour, give it a look.  [Android Central forums] Thanks bitswitch!


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Motorola Devour rooted


The phone actually had a really solid build to it. If it had more support and more horsepower it could have been a contender.

I agree, it was pretty solid when I tried it. Its a shame, like you said, that it didn't get the support its Droid cousins got.

The devour was made to take the punishment of a school kid. It wasn't supposed to be a major player I mean hell what kind of parent would drop the money a high end phone costs on a kid anyway. I know I wouldn't but my boys are rocking the high end Fisher price Elmo phones so who knows its hard to say no to the little guys.

I like the Devour, its a shame it was such a low end device. I don't understand why more of our higher end Android devices are plasticky chrome, and this low end Devour was made out of aluminum. I don't necessarily want a metal phone, because I know first hand the radio reception issues that can be caused by it.. aluminum macbooks, iphone4.. anywho, I love the device design of the Devour, its a unique phone that wasn't a standard slider or slate device.

I had the devour and the rebooting and signal issues were too much for me. Verizon gave me a Droid after 4 Devours in less than 2 weeks.

Great concept...just needed that extra push. Glad to see that it finally got rooted.