With so many phones getting delayed these days, it's refreshing to see a phone manufacturer actually try and beat their release date. The Motorola Devour is rumored to do just that. Originally expected to hit stores sometime in March, the Devour might actually launch a couple of days earlier and be available on February 25th through Verizon's Indirect Channel. The Devour is also expected to be widely available by March 15th, at the latest.

Hey Moto, we wouldn't mind a couple more Megan Fox Devour commercials from now until then. Just letting you know.

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Motorola Devour Launching at the end of February ?


This phone looks like the Droid and Sidekick had an off spring! It looks out. But it's running on Android 1.6 with a 3mp camera. It seems like this will be VZW cheaper verison of the Droid. For those that still want and need the keyboard.

I don't see why anyone would wanna buy a new phone with an older verison of Android, When soon they can have the Nexus One. I guess in the end it's going to all be about Price...

its officially coming out March 15th. no "expected" or anything..it IS coming out on March 15th.

might be a good replacement for the wife's Eris.

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Gambling on unusual, but so far unrealized potential, the Rockets will acquire small forward Terrence Williams from the New Jersey Nets for a 2012 first-round pick in a three-team deal, a person with knowledge of the trade said Tuesday.

The draft pick will be lottery protected through 2017. To make room for Williams, the Rockets will send guard Jermaine Taylor and cash considerations to the Sacramento Kings for a second-round pick they will likely never receive.

In a move solely to create roster space, the Rockets will receive the pick only if the Kings finish with one of the top five records in the NBA this season.

The Rockets wanted to take a chance on Williams, an extremely athletic player they believe could grow into a player in the mold of Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala, but has fallen far short of that largely because of attitude and discipline issues they hope will not follow him to Houston.

Rockets guard Courtney Lee, who played with Williams last season with the Nets, raved about Williams’ abilities.

“Extremely athletic,” Lee said. “He can play one through four. Explosive kid. High-flier. Can bring excitement to the team. I think he should be in the dunk contest, along with me in the 3-point contest. He can score, but his big thing is he’s an excellent passer, an excellent penetrator and an excellent defender.”

Williams, the 11th player taken in the 2009 NBA Draft out of Louisville, has struggled this season, averaging just 6.7 points on 39.7 percent shooting in 10 games with the Nets. He was sent to the NBA Development league after he had been repeatedly late to shootarounds and practices. In three games in the D-League Williams averaged 28 points, 11.3 rebounds, 10.7 assists,

The trade of Taylor set up a particularly awkward situation, with Taylor unaware of the deal until he arrived in the Rockets locker room and expected to play against the team he would soon join.

The Rockets could have completed the deal with Sacramento before Tuesday’s game, but because the deal with the Nets is a three-team deal involving Joe Smith, who was not eligible to be traded until Wednesday, the could not complete the trade for Williams and did not want to deal Taylor until they knew the larger deal would go through.

“I’m OK with it,” Taylor said. “The only thing that’s bugging me is no one told me anything yet. I had to hear it like this. I look at it as an opportunity to start over and go someplace else and play. I don’t know whether to go in the other locker room and get dressed right here.

“I know what kind of player I am and I know if I get a chance, I’ll be a great player. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Taylor had averaged 4.9 points on 50 percent shooting in his eight games this season going into Tuesday’s game against the Kings

The Nets will send Smith to the Lakers and receive guard Sasha Vujacic in the trade.