The Motorola Devour is slated to release this week so to whet your appetite, Motorola has just posted a video demo of this Android-powered, Motoblur-running device. A lot of the stuff we see in the demo is fairly familiar but one thing that sticks out to us is that the Devour looks to be amazingly well-built. The materials chosen, the small touches--we're very impressed with what Motorola has done with it. It remains to be seen how successful the Devour will be considering many users may find the Droid a clearly superior device but Motoblur does have its own following. Oh, and having Megan Fox on your side doesn't hurt.

hit the jump to see the video demo!


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ChocoBilly says:

So could they make that Motorola Phone Portal available for the Droid?

The Droid is a Google Experience Phone, like the Nexus One, which means there is no MotoBlur and since the Motorola Phone Portal is part of MotoBlur I would say no.

This thing has a more powerful processor than the Droid but runs Android 1.6 WTF?

CavemanOOGA says:

Can't wait to get my hand's on one of these little guys.

rufflez says:

That guy got really angry at his "F" key

bloodycape77 says:

Shame this phone is about the same size as the Droid, but with smaller screen with a large bezel around it.

borgey401 says:

why the F*ck would they run this phone on android 1.6? If it ran 2.0 or 2.1 then I would give it props. Hopefully they will come out with an OS update for it and then I might get it