Motorola continues to tease with new Moto 360 video

Motorola released a new Moto 360 video on YouTube, detailing the watch's unique cylindrical designed face rather than the square fascia of its rivals in the Android Wear camp. Though the video is new and is a nice promotion to the Moto 360 staying true to classical watch designs, it really is just a teaser and nothing more. Nothing in the video isn't already learned, though it's still a nice watch.

Are you interested in a smartwatch and the Moto 360? If so, be sure to check our hands-on with the Moto 360 at Google I/O and also check out our reviews of the competing LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.


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Motorola continues to tease with new Moto 360 video


+1. It would suck for all the teasing, and then for them to release it, but not be able to buy for another month -_-. Makes no sense. I really would like for them to do like HTC and Google did with the N5 and other smart watches, (and in HTC's case the M8).

Ugh, I thought about doing that, but I already have a Pebble Steel so I felt like it would be a little ridiculous to get a G Watch and then a 360 on top of that haha. This wait hurts. How do you like the G Watch?

I'm thinking of doing the same. Buy the G Watch now and pick up the Moto 360 when released. Is the G Watch worth it? The last rumor that I heard seemed to indicate that Moto 360 wouldn't be released until Aug. 29 when the Moto X+1 debuts. Its less than 2 months but seems like forever.

I really want one, but if it only lasts a day like the 2 watches out at the moment I'll pass. If it can get me through the week on one charge I'll have it, otherwise my pebble will do me nicely for a year or two until android wear sorts out the battery life

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I think about of that has to do with the screen consumption and processor. Why I love Toq and liking the SW2 I just bought. Heavy use on the SW2 and 77% battery with an always on screen. Seems a small sacrifice for a watch that's, well, a watch.

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I see a lot of people mentioning battery life as a concern for smartwatches. I don't get why. As long as it always lasts at least 24 hours, I don't see an issue. I charge my phone every night so having to charge my watch every night is not a big deal, especially if it has wireless charging like the Moto 360. I'm going to want to take my watch off every night anyway because I'd be afraid to knock it against the bed post while I sleep.

I would normally agree, but I like to buy a watch and keep it for several years at least. In a year or two the batteries in these will start to degrade, and 24 hours brand new will turn into something like 12. I'd rather it have a week or so (or more) battery life, and degrade to half that until I'm ready to buy a new watch.

But, that's the problem. You're attributing mechanical watch ideas to a smart-watch. These watches are closer to phones than they are actual watches. They do more than your typical watch does, so therefore, they are going to use more power. There's no way to get around that. The Pebble (and others) are able to get more battery life because of mediocre displays (don't get me wrong, I adore my Pebble, but it's display pales compared to Wear watches).

I have to agree that charging a watch daily (or semi-daily) is going to be the new norm for quite awhile until battery technology improves (or Wear does).

I think your missing the point, he is trying to explain he wants it to last a full day in the future, not just now. And if the battery only lasts a day now, with degradation of the battery over time, it will not be more than a couple years before your charging your watch every 12 hours for it to work. It would not be worth it. If it were to have a 48 hour or greater battery life, even in a few years it would still last full day with a degraded battery.
We understand it uses more power, We want it to be a watch that is efficient enough to last more than 24 hours at the beginning of its life. I hope it will do a week, though I cannot see how that would be possible with its size (you can only fit so much battery in that size) and features. If it would last 72-96 hours that would be enough for me to buy it. I need the watch to last from Friday morning to Monday morning. It also should not take more than an hour to go from 0% to fully charged. If it is going to take 12 hours to charge, that is a deal breaker.

I have a Pebble as well, I love it. My phone does not make any noise and my watch notifies me of everything. I love it.

That's a good point. Ok so maybe 48 hours would be good!

I have a feeling smartwatches are going to become like smartphones where we upgrade them a lot more often than we do regular watches. Also I'd be willing to bet that battery life will improve every generation (and maybe even with software updates to the OS).

Forget battery life, I'm sure that'll be a non issue for most people... the real issue right now is if I can't see the screen in direct sunlight, like the current wear watches, it's going to be tough to convince me to buy. It is gorgeous though...

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I agree with you regarding the visibility of the watch face is direct sunlight. What's the point of it if you can't see it? Just not practical. It is the best looking smartwatch of the Android Wear bunch

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That will likely start coming after a couple of iterations/years of designing custom silicon for these types of devices, rather than using off the shelf components (like the snapdragon 400 in the G Watch).

This is just a normal looking watch that does the same exact thing as the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. When this watch features some kind of Karat gold or diamonds, like my other watches call me.

The point of all these watches is design. This by far is the best formal design watch without looking like a sport watch. It has a better elegant look and feel. Heck the SW2 all metal band looks better than the LG. It's all about your preference. I have 14 watches at home all mechanical does the same thing too. Should that limit me to one watch cause they all are the same?

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Call me when my sub can tell me I have a new message.

Wait — send a letter because it won't let me know I have a call, either.

Apples and oranges ...

Oooh look at the fancy man with the diamond & gold watches.. Watch out for him..
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I wouldn't buy it, for the same reason I didn't buy the OnePlus. I'm not going to beg or do contests to buy a device.

Hopefully Moto will not force us to smash the g watch or gear live in order to get the privilege to purchase 360..

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Ok Moto we understand the watch is a beautiful time piece now can we get some specs and a release date as well as price. Stop teasing us with videos and get the thing on the market. I really hope you are delaying the release date because of more tweaks to the watch and not because of the new Moto X that is coming out soon as well.

I can't wait until they come out with a watch with a completely round display. Who will do it first?

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I can't wait for this to come out. Super stylish + Android Wear = WIN!

It's going to be very interesting to see what developers do with Android Wear. After evaluating the SDK, I can see there's a ton of potential there in addition to all the stuff you get out of the box (actionable notifications, music controls, Google Now on your wrist, voice actions, etc).

This is the one I'd get. Still not sure I want one or want a first Gen Android wear watch.

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The black block on the bottom ruins it for me. Really wanted this watch but the lack of a completely round screen in a round casing ruins it for me.

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It definitely bothered me when I first saw it too. But the more that I've seen of it, the less it bothers me.

Right now, the only thing that will keep me from buying one is the price tag.

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The only thing I agree with is that round is classical. Originally watch faces were round because you had hands moving around a central pivot point. Now this limitation has gone (digital watch face) the obvious thing is to make a rectangular device that utilises the wrist area better.

I also like the look of the 360 (dont let it be too fat), but round is not the future.

Im a bit worried from the reports of the moto x having BT issues with the g watch and Sammy wear. I own a moto x and plan on updating to the x+1. But apparently moto has some BT connection issues. I've noticed it with other sw I own but was hoping the bt4le would fix it. Apparently not. U would think that moto having there own wear device this would be taken care of. I just got an invite for the 1+1 hopefully that BT works better than my X

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Tired of being teased. If the battery and sunlight visibility of the screen are pathetic like those of the LG G watch and gear life, then it's not for me.

Where is the darn order button?!?!?!

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Would be more interested in standalone apps or function on a wearable.

Would be great paired with Bluetooth headphones at the gym playing tunes, along with a hr app running

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Their reasons for choosing a round face are so weak in this clip. I'm not sure how a round face is superior to a square one for displaying data? He should have said that firstly, the 360 is currently the only round face android smart watch, secondly a round face looks cool and thirdly it means a much wider selection of 'look alike' skins can be created for the face eg Rolex, Omega, IWG, Patek etc. so you can make your watch look like cool premium time-pieces.

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I get why people see battery life as an issue but let's step back and think . You have a watch sized computer on your wrist charging it once a day seems reasonable . I have a pebble and charging every 5 or so days bit the wear watches are also a hell of a lot more advanced .

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