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Updated Chrome extension supports rich notifications

Yet another Motorola-specific app is making its way from being pre-loaded to now being managed on the Play Store, and this time it's Motorola Connect. Falling in right behind the move of Motorola Assist to Google Play, the latest version of Motorola Connect will be available to update on Motorola's Android 4.4 devices, and have a few new features.

The app, which lets you manage calls and texts in conjunction with a Chrome browser extension, will now work even if you've integrated your SMS into Hangouts and can be updated independent of the OS now that it's in the Play Store. You'll need the latest version of the Motorola Connect Chrome extension as well, which now supports Chrome's rich notifications, to complete the system. The latest Android app can be found at the Play Store link above, and the Chrome extension is downloadable from the source link below.

Source: +Punit Soni; Chrome Web Store


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Motorola Connect hits the Play Store as well, compatible with Moto's KitKat devices


Don't get too excited. Mine was supposed to be here today, now the date changed to Dec. 2. Not a happy person right now.

So because you're not happy right now, you need to attempt to burst someone else's bubble like that?? Because your experience reflects everyone else's?? Very interesting... I'll be sure to check in with you on my next phone purchase, just to know for certain what my experience will be.

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I don't even have my Nexus 5 in possession and I'm thinking about switching to an X... Motorola will be a company to watch closely over the next 12 months..

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I've actually heard that from a few Nexus 5 owners who had the Moto X. They say they like the Nexus 5, but miss their Moto X.

Dumped my nexus 5 for a moto x. Better battery, better features, better speaker, more manageable size, customizable colors, better screen (for me; I love amoled blacks.) Plus who can live without active notifications, it's a game changer.

Very very tempting package indeed... Honestly, if I was on AT&T or Tmo I'd probably have picked the X, I went with the N5 because I'm on Sprint and I want the option of switching when my contract ends (or staying, which I'm actually leaning towards, in which case I'd want Spark/800Mhz support which the N5 offers).

Even Maker is kind of appealing in a totally vain way that's very opposite of the N5's utilitarian look... After having handled it, the X is probably the only phone out there I'd WANT to use without a case and that I'd also be confident in using sans case (that lip that lifts the screen when face down is all kinds of win).

The Moto X's size is probably the most appealing thing for me. I like active notifications but frankly I can live without them, a better & higher res display isn't a bad tradeoff either. There's suitable alternatives out there to Moto's driving aids, Chrome connect, BT safe zone, etc... Active notifications and the always listening mode not so much.

I really want an X, but i am on Tmo's Jump and am not paying full boat for a phone. Bummer. Hope moto works with tmo on their next flagship.

Hopefully CyanogenMod will create a similar extension... I love my s4 will never buy a moto x or a phone without a removable battery lol

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Moto X has a lot of interesting things. But still the price point on the Nexus 5 is insane. I'd there was no Nexus line I would definitely have the Moto X. Heck maybe the Moto G too.

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I just got mine on Tuesday, and I really like it. The battery alone makes it worth the switch, and the feel, the heft, the speakers, all make it a pretty great experience so far.