T-Mobile pricing

We brought you the first pictures of the official Android-MotoBLUR powered T-Mobile-branded Cliq XT, and now we have pricing information to go along with it. Looks like the Cliq XT will be going for $129.99 on contract (that's the U.S.-standard 2-year deal plus whatever rebates may be thrown in), and a very respectable $329.99 off-contract.

Now all we need is the dates the Cliq XT is going to be released. But it can't be far off. [via TMoNews]


Reader comments

Motorola Cliq XT priced at $129.99 on contract with T-Mobile ($329.99 outright)


They still sell the Dash? My mom had that a few years ago...it was a nice phone, blackberry formfactor with Windows Mobile thorwn on top.

Too bad she broke it when she fell on ice, she broke her leg too. :(

They would have to pay me to take that phone. Its a really FUGLY POS looking phone. They would also be required to pay my 2 year contract. No thank you for this phone.