Moto Cliq

Cliq owners, rejoice! Your day has arrived. You can now get in on the official 2.1 Eclair goodness. That is, if you never made use of the official update and even the official update instructions that have been floating around for a while now in our forums. But for those of you who weren't willing to venture down that road and wanted to wait until Motorola made the update available, you'll be pleased to know you can now grab it from their site. Just make sure you heed all those warnings that Motorola has posted. [Motorola via AndroidPolice]


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Motorola Cliq 2.1 update now officially available


So glad I glad I sold this stupid phone on craigslist and bought a Nexus One. The Cliq is just getting 2.1 and the N1 will be getting 2.3 very soon. Cliq= FAIL

The upside is my battery life is improved (seems like 25% better).

The downside is the official 2.1 release makes the GUI slower than it was on 1.5. And I'd say it's much slower than all the leaked 2.1 roms I tried.

Blech. Stay away from any phone running Motoblur. Lesson learned.

is this update different firmware and more fixes then the beta that was relesed about a month ago??? please reply i need to know!!!!