Motorola Citrus

Take a gander at the Motorola Citrus, Verizon and Moto's plan for the aspirational, new-to-smartphones user. It has a small, almost cute form-factor that more than a few people have likened to the Palm Pre without the slide-out keyboard. We think we could do without the big old 'Backtrack' touchpad on the back, but to each his own. We also found it curious that the physical Send and End keys do little more than make and end calls, the End key doesn't even take you to the home screen.

Software-wise, as you'd expect, it's running Motoblur and (sadly) 2.1 and, yes, Bing. Performance is also as you'd expect: slightly better than the current crop of mid-level Blur phones, but not a speedster. That's ok, though, while you wait you can pat yourself on the back for buying a phone made form 25% recycled plastic.

More photos and a demo video after the break!


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Motorola Citrus Hands-On [Video]


anyone ready to enter the smart phone market should get the best smart phone available from their carrier. you're gonna pay the same monthly fees as you would w/their best smart phone.. and the better phone will have more capabilities, and likely be supported further (OS updates may require certain hardware specs, gaming requirements will be less of an issue, etc)

It'd be nice if they didn't spend time and effort making entry level android phones, but just focused on pushing the capabilities of a couple phones that out do their last generation of phones.. If they need to sell entry level phones, just discount phones that are 6 months old.. Instead, they make an effort to dumb down smart phones.. blah

I would have to disagree. The biggest and badest phone is not for everyone. I could see my dad using a phone like this. Its not always about how much the phone can do but how easy it is to use. The average consumer doesn't care about the biggest screen or how fast the processor is. They want ease of use. Its easy to get lost with too much going on on a phone. Plus most people want their phone to last all day. How you are going to use the phone is just as important as what the phone can do. Plus a good chunk of people can't afford to pay top dollar to get the best hardware. That's why I love android it has something for every price level. People shouldn't be forced to give up an arm and a leg to enjoy a smartphone. Why do you think android is gaining so much market share. Its because you can get a good phone for 100 bucks.

The only thing I don't like about it is Android 2.1 If it had something higher it would be a Very good phone