Motorola Charm

Not sure this is quite the Q9h-type device I've been longing for on Android, but Motorola apparently has a front-facing QWERTY phone with a quaint little screen possibly headed for T-Mobile. The leaked slides show Android 2.1 with "new Motoblur enhancements" that share at least some of the attributes of what's on the new Droid X, in that you can resize some widgets. The slides also show that the Cliq and Cliq XT will be getting updates to the same UI, so we can all wait for that now, too. This piquing anyone's interest? [Engadget]

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JohnnyACE562 says:

Looks kinda like the Flipout without the flipout. Defintely for the ex-Blackberry crowd.


sedracer says:

not exactly front facing qwerty i was hoping for but maybe this will start that form factor going and htc will whip one up.

theoneuafter says:

Definetly not feeling the look.

CavemanOOGA says:

I don't know, I'm diggin' the hell outa the form factor. Possibly because the keyboard looks pretty damn kick ass.

JNM says:

I like the idea as it will showcase Android's versatility. Nexus One, Droid X, Evo 4g, MyTouch, etc. are really different versions of what is basixaloy the same form factor. With the latest versions of Android running, hopefully a screaming fast processor, and long battery life I think I would enjoy this phone.

looks like a hybrid between a palm pixi and a bb bold 9000. If it is built well and motoblur 2 or whatever runs quickly -- it could be a solid phone with good hardware. I like a good one piece qwerty phone, just hoping there are no weird OS restrictions...

josuearisty says:

mmm, looks a blackberry, but with touchscreen and better OS

op3rator says:

whats odd to me is the fact that , dominos is using this on there new text message add campaign as the phone of choice o appear on there flyers ...

ArakniD says:

I could care less about the device, but I'm glad to see/hear about the new version of MotoBlur/Android that SHOULD be hitting my phone by the end of this month.. right? .. RIGHT?!?!


that1bb says:

I really hope something like this comes to Verizon. I have been longing for Android in this form factor from the beginning.

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