Motorola Backflip receives Android 2.1 update 

If you weren't lucky enough to be one of the 1,000 users recruited by Motorola and AT&T to test Android 2.1 on your Motorola Backflip, today is the day you can join the party.

The Eclair update is live and well on Motorola's and AT&T's respective websites. We weren't crazy about the Motorola Backflip, or the fact that it launched with Android 1.5, but hopefully this update will improve the Backflip experience for current and future owners.

So what are you waiting for?  Check the links above and begin your update process.  And while it's downloading, feel free to check out the release notes so you can know what to expect once you're up and running on 2.1.

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cd5love96 says:

Still ridiculous that they are just getting to 2.1.

marmarinou says:

The last paragraph of this story is incorrect. The Android 2.1 upgrade cannot be done over-the-air. The 0.13.37 release notes are for a previous over-the-air update.

The Motorola site has the release notes for the 2.1 upgrade, which needs to be done using a USB cable and your PC:

Jesse Potter says:

Thank you. I noticed that at first, but then I thought I read that users could just do an OTA. Fixed.

marmarinou says:

Thanks! (the release notes link still needs to be updated)

Teesang#AC says:

Can someone confirm if this is for AT&T users ONLY? The upgrade site says nothing about it being AT&T only, BUT, I notice the ugprade download is tagged as 'ATT'.


marmarinou says:

You're right, this is for the AT&T Backflip only.

lowermi says:

Moto has crappy support for its low end phones. I'd never buy one.

crichton007 says:

Keeps with the times? How about keeps just behind the times? 2.1 is pretty old school. 2.2 is the current version and 2.3 is nigh upon us.

crxssi says:

I was about to post almost the exact same thing you just said.

cd5love96 says:

It's sad because the phone looks so sick. I like the trackpad behind the screen. They should build a follow up but with a bigger screen. I'd get one if they step their game up with updates.

kubuli says:

With the 2.1 update, video conferencing in now available on the backflip (with the keyboard open it has a forward facing camera). Wish it would get Froyo so i can move some apps to the SD card, but I think that's highly unlikely.

nikescar says:

Don't waste time with that AT&T bullshit.

Find a proper rom here: