Motorola Atrix launch date?

The Motorola Atrix 4G (check out our hands-on) on AT&T easily is one of the hottest phones to come out of CES, with its dual-core processor, the very cool laptop dock and the even cooler HD dock, which basically turns your smartphone into a mini-desktop computer with Firefox browser.

But one thing we didn't get out of CES was a launch date. It's possible we have that now, thanks to a leaked internal AT&T screen showing March 1, 2011, and the SKU of 65230. (There's a much bigger pic showing all this and a whole bunch of specs after the break.)

We say this launch date is "possible" above because AT&T routinely launches phones on Sunday -- March 1 is a Tuesday. That doesn't mean it's not the date, but it also breaks from tradition. That said, it also matches what Android Central Forums member BloodiedWraith mentioned a day ago. Right now we'll leave this as "possible," but it's starting to look good. Thanks, anon!

 Motorola Atrix 4G specs

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Bla1ze says:

I just want to know how much, off contract... so I can bring this baby to Rogers. :D

svargas05 says:

Well are you asking me or telling me?

If you're asking, signs point to "yes"


icebike says:

This is the first Moto phone that has me interested in a long time.

I'd like to see the competing HCT entry, because with the Motorola Lock down mentality piled on top of the ATT lock down mentality this could end up being spoiled very quickly.

ChuckG73 says:

Here is hoping for all the AT&T customers.......Maybe April 23rd will be the launch date for the BIONIC

Battleship says:

I had already decided not to commit to the Atrix until after MWC, so a possible March 1 release is fine with me. OTOH, if that's when it's going to available, I wish it were coming out with 2.3

cmunic8r99 says:

I don't imagine it will take long for the community to remedy the 2.3 oversight.

uberspeed says:

locked bootloader would make that very difficult. I hope it doesn't have one, I'm keenly interested in this handset.

pearljam5000 says:

does any one know if its true that 1080p video recording will be available with a firmware update or not?

LiquidAppo says:

Motorola's page says that, who knows if it will actually happen.

It's ironic that Motorola exploits Android OS, and creates this truly inspired device with its open source. Yet they lock down the bootloaders so you have to do a song and dance just to remove Need for Speed.

frozencloud says:

it's been blurred...=0

chief113 says:


I just got a text from my AT&T rep saying "Atrix launch expected 2/13

john_v says:

Now wouldn't that be a nice Valentine's Day present for my wife to get me?

chief113 says:

Just a question. Why would your AT&T rep text you? Are you guys friends, or have you just been hounding him about the release date? And does he have any proof?

crea78 says:

Wow, another possible release date. AT&T needs to come out very soon and announce when the official release date is and how much.

pceasar says:

Isn't the atrix 8mega pixels? The phone will probably sell for 200, maybe 250 at most so sayeth my word.

Hand_O_Death says:

Dear Moto,
Please let the DDR packing Bionic brother come out at the same time.

crea78 says:

Motorola stated in their CES keynote the Bionic won't be coming out until Q2 which is between April-June.

Hand_O_Death says:

Yea, I was hoping my letter would change their minds LOL. My update was last month and I am getting ansy.

djrbkj says:

I'm confused about the document. It says the phone only has one camera and has a full QWERTY keyboard even though it's already known to have 2 cameras (including the front-facing one) and no slide out keyboard. Can anyone explain this?

uberspeed says:

Full QWERTY may also refer to a software keyboard.