Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix 4G is now available for purchase directly from AT&T for $199 on new or upgrade two-year contact. If you still haven't made up your mind on Ma Bell's dual-core beast, head on over to the Android Central Forums. There are discussions running right now concerning the screen, "4G" reception, and more. Once you make up your mind, AT&T's ordering page is awaiting your credit card info


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Motorola Atrix 4G available for purchase on AT&T today


Is it for an ideological reason or a practical reason? I've been lurking the Atrix forums on XDA; the phone is said to be amazing before root, but the thing that really impresses me is that already they have a pretty solid development community around it. I think the ROMs the come out for it will be great finishing touches on the phone, and remember that the bootloader really only keeps you from custom kernels. If you always feel the need to have the latest version of Android though, I can see why you wouldn't get it though.

WoW! My wife has the Aria. I was thinking about getting the Atrix but, she will have faster speeds then me? That is just plain backwards! Can you turn 4G off? Especially if 3G is faster!

I do find the whole we have 4G, but it's not really 4G, it's like 3.5G but with 3G up and 3.5G down, yet we are going to call it 4G. What the AT&T?

Plus as noted in that article they are showing the H+ icon even when you are not in their "4G" network area. So talk about some BS AT&T.

im getting 7.1mbps down :D...436 up not having hsupa..but cannot complain with the download speeds :) im in springfield, ma btw

This phone really seems to have all of the specs right. Yet, I am just not very interested in it at all. I wonder if it is the whole AT&T thing or that the device doesn't look all that exciting but I just have not become interested in it...even though I have seen many of the impressive capabilities.

Well.... it's upgrade time and as much as I've been waiting for this day I'm going to patiently wait a little while longer..... call me crazy but I'm still in "love" with my captivate...
Its not even close to being half of what this
Motorola beast is but something tells me that S
amsung is going to show up "casually late" to the party with a sick Galaxy S 2. So passing on the Atrix upgrade (for now)...

does it have flash? I thought flash 10.1 doesnt work with dual core devices? please let me know.

Would not rush to buy the Atrix. Has many glitches. Can't really understand why no one seems to pass this on. First of all, can't make video calls except android users. And you have to use the stupid qik software. No option to switch between front and back camera. Second, can't use ANY VOIP clients. Skype, yahoo, etc don't work. Actually you'll be able to hear them but they won't hear you. And no video support for Skype. Motorola says they don't SUPPORT Skype on Atrix. Speed over 4g barely makes it to 1.3 mb download and 200 k upload. Lol. Aren't we supposed to get around 14 Mb? And finally, the phone has such a cheap feel. Too bad Motorola put such great hardware inside but no good software and a bad shell. Cheers!