Motorola Atrix 2

Update: We've confirmed that this, indeed, is the Ice Cream Sandwich soak test. Huzzah!

Good news, everyone! Maybe. There apparently is a soak test going out for the Motorola Atrix 2 this afternoon. Is it the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update? Dunno, and Motorola's site still just says "Further plans coming soon." We'll keep our fingers crossed, though.

Here's the text of the message:

Thanks for signing up for the Atrix 2 software test. Our apologies for the delay in starting this test! The software will begin to be pushed out later this afternoon; however, it may take several hours for all targeted devices to receive the update.

We're eager to hear your feedback. Please share your experience on the private community provided, and via the survey I will send out after you've had some time to work with the software.

To ensure we hear you, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please post all your feedback in our private community (link below). This also where you'll find help during the soak.
  • Please do not call or contact Motorola, AT&T or your carrier support for help during the soak. Those teams are not yet ready to support this software.
  • I'm not able to check private messages on the forums during soaks, so if you need immediate help that's not a good route to take. Post in the community instead.
  • If you have any problems accessing the private community, please click here for help.
  • Please do not post questions publicly, on our site or elsewhere.

Please start your visit to the private community here. You'll find additional important information in the Welcome message as soon as you sign in. (Note that you will not be able to post in the public communities during the soak test.)

Thanks so much for your participation! We really appreciate your time and insights.

Keep your ears to the ground, folks.

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There are 18 comments

broncop3t3 says:

I'd love to see this be the ICS or JB update. This could mean there is hope for us Photon owners. The Atrix 2 & Photon had the same status on the update page "Further Plans Coming Soon" Fingers Crossed!

dorelse says:

As a Photon owner, I think there's hope for us. Unfortunately, the Atrix 2 uses the TI OMAP processor I think, not the Tegra 2.

Magnolia Man says:

yeah i think the Photon is more in line spec wise with the original Atrix
not the Atrix 2

dorelse says:

The real question will this ICS or JB...that will be a broader indication of Moto's plans for the upcoming upgrades.

ajfink says:

Almost definitely ICS.

icebike says:

Is that your wish, an opinion, or do you have some info from a soaker??

ajfink says:

The version number of the soak is the same as an earlier ICS leak.

icebike says:

Ah, and I see they have added an update to the story confirming that.

Jotokun says:

Indeed. In fact, you can remove the device check in a rom zip file and it'll flash just fine on the other phone, with only a few things broken. Internally, Photon is literally a CDMA Atrix.

ISS2 says:

Yeah, you just won't be able to use it, due to the incompatible radio drivers, but your premise is exactly right. However, I'm ecstatic that we're getting an official build. Know if we can get this bootloader unlocked...

Joe H. says:

I have the original Atrix running CM10 with a few things that don't work. I'm really hoping to hear a soak test announced for my original Atrix. Fingers crossed

nickacs says:

And still zero for the Bionic.. FU Moto! LOL

briankariu says:

oooh ics! I have waited long and patiently for thee

Ohleo says:

Damn you guys are still on GB? Damn. What is the point of ICS & JB if most phones will never see them? Or will see them a year later if they are fortunate

motoGEEKer says:


JayND says:

Uh oh! The Atrix 2 is getting ICS? Here comes b#$%&ing from all the disgruntled Atrix 1, Bionic, and Photon owners!!!!

Speaking of which, this device always struck me as an odd duck. Why did Motorola suddenly decide to make a rounded off Bionic with a non-pentile LCD screen for AT&T? Also kinda curious as to who makes that screen.

motoGEEKer says:

non-penile? uh...

JayND says:

apparently on my phone, "non-pentile" auto corrects to "non-penile".
Oh auto-correct.
Sad part is I would've never caught that if you didn't mention it...