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We've seen the leaks and rumors, and now the Motorola Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition are both officially official. The 10.1-inch Xoom 2 and its 8.2-inch media-focused sibling will go on sale in the UK and Ireland from mid-November, at retailers including the Carphone Warehouse, PC World and Dixons.

As far as specs go, it's pretty much what we expected -- both tablets feature some variety of 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, alongside 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Both flavors also ship with "HD" displays, which we're guessing will be your standard, Honeycomb-friendly 1280x800 panels. Speaking of Honeycomb, you've got Android 3.2 on-board, along with what looks like some minor UI tweaks from Motorola. So no Ice Cream Sandwich just yet, but then that's to be expected.

The tablets also sport the unique curved style edges that we'd seen in leaked photos, as well as phones like the Photon, and we're interested to see how this design choice works on a larger device. Weight-wise, the Xoom 2 sits at 599g, just four grams heavier than Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, and two grams lighter than the iPad 2. The Media Edition, however, is significantly lighter, at 386 grams.

Moto's yet to mention any pricing information for the Xoom 2 series, nor when (or even if) it plans to release its two new tablets in the US. We'll keep you posted if we hear anything. In the meantime, hit the jump for today's announcement video, or use one of the links below to take a closer look at both Xoom 2 models.

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Motorola announces Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition, coming to UK and Ireland 'mid-November'


The Xoom 1 has been the same or better price than all other similar tablets for many months now (and $100 *less expensive* than the ipad 2)

I think the XOOM will be a far more feature rich device but the price difference probably wont justify its purchase over the Kindle for the average consumer. Ill be selling my XOOM for a Transformer Prime soon & my BIONIC for a Nexus

I think these fail. Motorola drops the XOOM 2 at the same time the Transformer Prime drops with a quad core processor & will probably price it at the same price or more. I see no drastic changes to make me want this over the OG XOOM i already have. I love my XOOM but if i upgrade i dont see it being to the XOOM 2. This is less an upgrade than the X to the X2. Also only releasing in in the UK initially is about as smart as releasing the expensive VZW XOOM initially without a wifi only option. Ive been a MOTO fan since the OG DROID days but they seem to be taking the route of Apple but they dont have the marketing angle. Simple improvements in the same product wont get them sales

I don't know. I see there is a lot of hate at these things, but personally I think an 8" tablet with 1280x800 wouldn't be bad at all. assuming they price it right.

The 10 inch tablets are great for watching media, but something a little smaller would be ideal for playing games as holding a 10" tablet while gaming can be tiring over time.



Call me aesthetically picky, or just jaded by the shitty performance of my Droid X, but I am just not feeling the Xoom2 devices -- or any Motorola devices at this point. The RAZR is decent looking, but IMHO is, sadly, just more of the same black bricks from MOTO.

I can't stand that cheap lip around the [huge] bezel. I don't like the angled corners, either. It just doesn't look sleek and polished. Not everything needs to look like the Galaxy Tab or iPad, but I do want something visually appealing. Again, the Xoom2 just looks cheap to me. While I'm on it, what's up with Motorola's, and Verizon for that matter, penchant for dark commercials. Not all of us Android users are into Sci-fi, lighting and rock-and-roll. I'm becoming increasingly turned off by these goth-like ad campaigns.

Are you kidding i love those commercials, they remind me of Home.

Also if you want something powerful that doesn't look Shite there is always Asus and their Transformers.

Nope. Not kidding. I'm not a fan of the Blade Runner-esque ads. I can dig a dark sci-fi every now and then, but that's not my favorite genre. Add to that, I suppose that I'm thinking about the appeal to a broad audience. It's clear that Verizon is targeting a certain demographic with these dark ads for Android devices and LTE. I just think they're missing an opportunity to capture an even larger market share. You'll notice that Verizon doesn't pimp out iPhones and iPads that way. I'm not suggesting that everything has to follow Apple's pithy model, but Verizon and Motorola have gone to the other extreme. Balance and perspective is a useful thing to employ.

The Asus Transformer is nice, but still a touch chunky for my taste.