Moto X Bootloader

Still no indication of where, when and for how much people can buy unlocked models.

Working to clarify some of the confusion surrounding the Moto X launch yesterday, VP of Product Management at Motorola Punit Soni shed some light on the state of bootloader unlocking and Developer Editions. In a post on his Google+ page, Soni explained that the Moto X hitting Sprint, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile and Rogers will all have unlockable bootloaders — that is, locked out of the box and unlockable will Motorola's tools.

Additionally, he stated that two different Moto X "Developer Edition" devices will be made available, one for Verizon and one "general North American" version. Presumably since the AT&T model wasn't named specifically as having an unlockable bootloader, this North American Developer Edition will be an unlocked GSM model with AT&T-compatible bands.

This is certainly a big deal for those who have been questioning Motorola's tactics with its carrier partnerships on the Moto X. But we're holding off on our overwhelming applause until these devices hit store shelves (be it virtually or otherwise) where people can actually buy them. We still question why the message has been so murky on these unlockable and Developer Edition devices in the first place.

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Moto X will have unlockable bootloader on most carriers, Verizon will get a Developer Edition


It wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to stick their foot in the water to see what the response would be to unlockable boot loaders, pricing, etc. Now that they have seen the displeasure about these things it tells them what direction they need to go. The fact AT&T is excluded from the list of carriers to have unlockable boot loaders makes me sad. I'll wait and see what the GE editions will bring. I hope something that works with Tmobile and AT&T on all bands.

as stated in the forums, the GPe version is pointless, you lose all the things you gain from Motorola. You might as well buy a Nexus and save your money

Who knows it might keep the awesome Google Now features. GPe means it runs stock but it can keep some features. The One kept Beats and the S4 the flip cover stuff so I could see the Moto X keeping Google now, especially as that is a Google product

That's the point though. It already is AOSP with the awesome features. The only thing I can even imagine being swapped out would be the camera app. That's literally the only difference I could see between the stock Moto X and a GPE Moto X, and you can install that yourself.

Thank god! this is probably going to be my upgrade from my VZW GNex....unless we get word of a new Nexus on verizon by then.

I too have a Galaxy Nexus and there is a zero chance in hell we get another Nexus ever again on Verizon. I am going to AT&T and getting the Nexus 5. We do not get true Nexus updates with the Verizon GNex as Big Red has to lock everything down and takes weeks or months after an Android update for it to appear. Verizon might have the best network, but I am soooooo sick of their locked down crap. It is like the Apple of wireless carriers in the US.

it's still a nexus. Still more nexus than anything else on verizon. i'd take that. best developer community of all phones. thats why i had 4.3 on day one of release on my GNex

Crappy Verizon!! If my phone wasn't free through my job, there would be no way I would be on Verizon.

Ha, I also have a work phone on Verizon, personal on AT&T. I have never dropped 1 call on AT&T in the 14 months I've been with them. I've dropped two on Verizon in the 3 months with my new job.

Maybe I'm still a little fuzzy on all of the specs that were released yesterday, but the way I took it was that the phone basically has all of the various radios/frequencies built into ONE single version of the phone to work on any of the carriers already (North American at least). Or is that NOT accurate??

Why would there need to be a separate "unlocked GSM model with compatible bands"? Wouldn't just an "unlocked" version of the phone in general be what you'd need for AT&T?

If everyone else has an unlocked bootloader then Verizon shouldn't get the phone. It's that simple. They got the Droids. If that doesn't make em feel special enough, too bad.

I almost considered it... but they handicapped it with no SD card or removable battery. No sale for me.

Man I hope he Moto X succeeds. For the sake of customization I hope this works. I'll be getting one.

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So if I'm going to keep my unlimited data on vzw and plan on paying retail regardless... Doesn't it just make sense for me to get the developers edition? All I really want is root and free hotspot.

(I have the vzw gnex right now)

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How much of a difference will it make to most if the VZW developer edition comes in 16 GB only?

I would have a tougher time gravitating toward the VZW mainstream edition or the developer edition if I knew one or both would be limited by 16 GB.

If the VZW developer edition came in 32 GB, I would strongly consider it, and would probably use Apple to get it.

I.E. Not leaving Verizon, so would use a subsidy to buy an Iphone, sell it, and use the cash to buy a VZW Moto X Developer edition.

Verizon S-U-C-K-S [Except for their network].

I _REALLY_ wish T-Mobile would get their act together out my way... I live 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, and T-Mo is not yet ready for me to switch. They are getting there though. I need a local tower... They are getting better and Verizon like Comcast are money grubbing bastards.